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Thank you for downloading Zero-K

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We are looking forward to meet you in game! :)

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Welcome to Zero-K

To learn the basics, please read Newbie Guide and inform yourself by reading the FAQ.
Try the game in single player mode first to gain some experiences with the contols. Recommended missions are:

  • Sandbox - just test and get a feeling for the interface and look at your units
  • 2v1 - play with an allied computer controlled player against another computer controlled player
  • Very easy chickens - defend yourself from hordes of alien chickens

How to register a new account

To create a new account you need to download the Zero-K lobby. Start the lobby and follow this instruction.

  1. First you'll see this form where you can enter a unique player name and a password:
2. So, fill the textbox with your player name and password and click "register":

3. Next, you have to agree to the "Terms of Use" before you can play with your account. Read the lines carefully and click "Accept":

4. At last, check out the "Home" button and you will see your profile with some stats (e.g. your current level etc.):

5. Now your account has been created successfully. Try some games, maybe multiplayer, and get some skill ;-)
Have fun!


  • Please make sure your graphic drivers are updated to latest!
  • In case of game crashes disable shadows, lua shaders, water, pixel buffer and enable compressed textures.
  • Make sure you read the FAQ
  • Post a new thread in our forum or on development page