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Current lead developers

Licho General Management, Infrastructure, Backend, Scripting, Design, Maintenance
GoogleFrog General Management, Scripting, Design, Balance, Sound, 2D art, Gfx, Campaign, Maintenance
KingRaptor (aka Histidine) Infrastructure, Interface, Story, Scripting, 3D art, Gfx, Tutorials, Trailers, Maintenance

Active developers

Aquanim Sea (balance, design), Campaign, Mapping
DeinFreund Infrastructure, 2D art, Interface scripting, Trailers
Sprung Infrastructure, Scripting, Translations, Mapping, Maintenance
TheMooseIsLoose Mapping, Loadscreens
lamer AI
Anarchid 3D art

Spring Engine

Zero-K runs on the Spring Engine. Thanks to all the engine developers for keeping development active with new features and bugfixes.

Inactive or retired developers

quantum General management, Mission editor, Gfx, Design, Scripting
Saktoth General management, Balance, Design, 2D art, 3D art, Story
CarRepairer Scripting, Interface, Manual, Maintenance
jK Engine, Gfx, Shaders, Interface framework, Scripting, Textures
xponen Scripting, Interface, Infrastructure, Maintenance
SirMaverick Engine, Lua, Maintenance
det Infrastructure, Scripting, Design, Balance
Lurker Scripting, Maintenance
exciter Translations, Infrastructure
scifi 2D art, 3D art
MidKnight 2D art, 3D art
luckywaldo7 Interface, 2D art
Rafał Scripting, Website
maackey 3D art, Website
Shadowfury333 Interface scripting, Gfx, (active) Videos
ivand Shaders, Scripting
Evil4Zerggin Gfx, 3D art, Scripting


See the contributor pages on github. Note that these lists lack many early contributions as the first three years of commit history was lost in repository migration.

Also includes:

  • aegis - downloader, lua
  • Alchemist - King of the Hill mode
  • Alcur - lua, graphics
  • Ashnal - cob
  • bebert - French translations
  • Beherith - models, AO plates
  • BigHead - lua (post)
  • Boogalizer - models, cob (post)
  • CaptainBenz - Strider and Spider models.
  • ceiling - Finnish translations
  • Cremuss - Models/Textures
  • Erom - cursors
  • ExitWound - models (Stiletto, Black Dawn, Krow)
  • Fox - effects
  • gajop - Lobby framework and interface framework maintenance.
  • gunblob - lua
  • Gizmo - effects
  • Iv0ry_King - AI configuration
  • Jeremy Gooch - Zero-K poster and art
  • Kaine - visuals, audio, unit icons, effects
  • Kerr - Death Clones
  • K_haos_girl - cursors
  • Lathan Stanley - cursors
  • Lynx - textures
  • knorke - lua
  • Machio - cartoons
  • manored - Portuguese translations
  • Marmoth - lua widgets
  • Masse - cursors
  • mastastealth - cartoons
  • Mr. D - models (post)
  • Mr. Bob - models
  • n0_0x - lua
  • Nemo - cob
  • Noruas - models (download)
  • Pendrokar - lua (download)
  • preassureline - gunship models.
  • Psionic - models (site)
  • Rattle - models (post )
  • Ray - lua
  • Shraka - Concept art, design
  • Smoth - models, effects (post, ModDB)
  • Someone_Else - Polish translations
  • Soul - Polish translations
  • TA Arsenal - models (site)
  • TheFatController - lua
  • tinnut - lua
  • trepan - lua
  • Varikonniemi - nuke gfx, big bertha gfx, finnish translations
  • very_bad_soldier - lua (post) and Widgets module for lobby
  • Wartender - Spanish and Italian translations
  • yosemite - French translations
  • Zenka - models (post)
  • Zpock - cob

Other credits


Zero-K uses artwork (models, textures) donated from various sources under open-source licenses, particularly the GNU GPL, Public Domain and the various Creative Commons licenses.

These may be copied and edited and used in derivative works according to the terms of their respective licenses.