Mission Editor in WINE

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This page is about making missions on Linux. It will document the installation of and problems with the mission editor in WINE. This guide assumes knowledge of WINE, should you not understand something it will be well documented elsewhere on the internet.


First create a new wineprefix. This is to ensure that there are no other applications complicating matters.

In order to install the Mission editor you must first install .net 4.0. To do this, run: (replace "(wineprefix)" with the filepath to your wineprefix)

WINEPREFIX=(wineprefix) winetricks dotnet40

Download the mission editor executable here. From a terminal at the location of the downloaded file, run: (replacing "(wineprefix)" again)

WINEPREFIX=(wineprefix) wine MissionEditor.exe

You will likely have to give the executable permission to run as a program.

You now have the mission editor installed. Run the executable you downloaded with the above command whenever you want to run it.


There are a few bugs with this:

  • You must run this program WITHOUT a virtual desktop. If run in a virtual desktop you will have to reboot every time you wish to open the mission editor.
  • When you press the button to publish your mission the mission editor will crash.

If you notice any bugs please report them to TheSponge via lobby PM. Happy mission editing!