Repair Command

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The Repair command can be given to constructors to make them repair target unit or, if it is not yet finished, assist its construction. Constructors undertaking an attack-move command will also automatically receive targeted Repair orders onto nearby valid targets.

The command also has an area version with the following modifiers:

  • ALT makes the area linger even if no valid targets remain. Ordinarily the command is finished in that case.
  • CTRL prevents assisting construction. Only repairing is allowed in this mode.

The area command picks targets according to the following rules, in order:

  • assisting allied (non-self) construction is only considered with the Roam move state.
  • assisting factory construction is not considered with the Hold Position move state.
  • repairing a unit currently being reclaimed is not considered.
  • units currently moving are not considered if there are stationary ones.
  • units closer to the builder (not area center!) are prioritised over further ones.

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