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Several units in ZK have special abilities that are activated with unique commands — though typically, these are all bound to the D key by default (similar to Special Weapons).

Speed Boost[edit]

planefighter.png Cmd sprint.png

The Swift multirole fighter has an ability to temporarily receive a massive boost to its flight speed through he use of the Speed Boost instant command. This is extremely useful to dodge missiles, avoid losing engagements, or quickly intercept incoming enemy bombers. Note that while most of the uses of Speed Boost are manual, this ability will be automatically used when retreating.

Teleport Beacon[edit]

amphtele.png Cmd drop beacon.png

The Djinn amphibious teleporter works by warping the units from its Lamp teleport beacon to its present deployed location. It can relocate the Lamp entry point by using the Teleport Beacon ability on any desired point on the map, as long as it's not blocked by an occupying structure or impassable terrain.

Drop Bombs[edit]

gunshipkrow.png Cmd bomb.png

The Krow flying fortress has a special weapon that is only activated by the instant Drop Bombs command. Immediately upon command activation, the unit unleashes a salvo of bomblets directly beneath it, lasting several seconds.

The Krow has a significantly lowered acceleration and turn rate during the bombing run.

Unleash Lightning[edit]

bomberdisarm.png Cmd bomb.png

The Thunderbird disarm bomber has only one weapon and will use it automatically upon designated targets. However, it is also possible to activate the lightning weapon immediately by the manual Unleash Lightning command - usually in response to unexpected maneuvers by the targeted enemies.

Drop Depthcharge[edit]

hoverdepthcharge.png Cmd dgun.png

Similar to Thunderbird, the Claymore antisub hovercraft can fire its normal weapon manually. The Drop Depthcharge command causes its massive depth charge to be released directly beneath the unit as a timed bomb. It is best to quickly relocate the Claymore to another position after using this.