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Units are controlled by giving them commands. There are three kinds of commands:

* targeted commands, such as Move or Attack.
* instant commands, such as Wait or Self-destruct.
* state commands, such as Fire State or Cloak.

Some targeted commands have area versions, where the command is given continuously onto valid targets in the area as long as there are any. Drag when giving the order to do an area command.

Others have line versions. Each unit being given the order gets a different target along the line.

Most targeted and instant commands can be queued using SHIFT. This puts the order at the end of the queue. You can also use SPACE to insert at the front of the queue, or SHIFT+SPACE to insert in the middle of the queue (between two closest orders).


Commands can have their behaviour modified using ALT and CTRL.

CommandClick behaviourDrag behaviour+ALT+CTRL
Repair Repair a live unit;
Assist construction
Area command.
Applies the click command to valid targets in the area, as long as there are any
For area only. Persist the area even when no valid targets inside (continue if any new show up)Only repair live units, do not assist construction.