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Level Structure[edit]

Commanders start at level 1 and can morph to level 7. New slots are unlocked at each level.

Level 2 Primary Weapon Module
Level 3 Subsystem Module
Level 4 Secondary/Upgraded Weapon Module Module
Level 5 Subsystem Module Module
Level 6 Subsystem Module Module
Level 7 Module Module Module


In each Module slot the commander adds one of the following modules, up to the stated maximum:

  • Ablative Armor Plates (max 6): Increases HP
  • Damage Booster (max 6): Increases damage
  • High Power Servos (max 3): Increases move speed
  • CarRepairer's Nanolathe (max 3): Increases build power
  • Autorepair Module (max 3): Increases auto-repair
  • Field Radar Module (max 1): Adds radar

Each commander chassis specialises in a particular module:

  • Strike: Autorepair max 3 > 6
  • Engineer: CarRepairer's Nanolathe max 3 > 6
  • Guardian: Advanced Targeting max 0 > 3
  • Recon: High Power Servos max 3 > 6


At Level 2:

  • Every commander gets a Primary weapon.

At Level 4:

  • Strike and Guardian commanders choose between a second Primary weapon or a Secondary weapon.
  • Support and Recon commanders choose between replacing their first weapon (if applicable) with an Upgraded weapon, or a Secondary weapon.


Each chassis has a selection of Minor and Major Subsystems, to be chosen in the Subsystem slots. Major subsystems cannot be chosen before level 5.

(Limit one Major subsystem overall? Not sure if necessary.)

Chassis Description[edit]

Chassis Primary Weapons Secondary/Upgraded Weapons Minor Subsystems Major Subsystems
Strike Beam Laser
Lightning Gun
Electron Jet
Scatter Beam
Sunburst Cannon (?)
Flux Amplifier
Mobius System
Personal Shield
Personal Cloak
Valhallan Reactor
System Reboot
Energy Cell
(Lazarus Device)
Engineer Light Particle Beam
Beam Laser
Scatter Beam
Missile Launcher
Heavy Particle Beam (from LPB)
Disruptor Bomb
Disruptor Ammo
Lazarus Device
Dual-Phase Lathe
Disruptor Drones
Pocket Genie
Area Cloaker
(Personal Shield)
Guardian Heavy Machine Gun
Rocket Launcher
Riot Cannon
Missile Launcher
Cluster Bomb
Hellfire Grenade
Napalm Warheads
Vanguard Deployment
High-Density Plating
Hybrid CPU
Assault Drones
Anchoring System
Area Shield
(Sensor Suite)
Recon Light Particle Beam
Heavy Machine Gun
Heat Ray (from Flamethrower)
Concussion Shell
Hellfire Grenade
Personal Cloak
Jump Booster
Sensor Suite
Augmented Hydraulics
Lathe Overclocker
Impact Distributor
(Vanguard Deployment)

Bolded primary weapons are default for their respective chassis.

Weapons Listing[edit]

Weapons not listed are not fundamentally changed.

  • Heat Ray should be really strong.
  • Terrabomb does some terraform thing like a Quake.
  • Electron Jet is similar to Flamethower, but EMP damage instead of fire.
  • Scatter Beam is a beam shotgun as in Trisula.
  • Change Engineer Beam Laser to a Buoy-like weapon?

Subsystems Listing[edit]


  • Flux Amplifier - Beam laser, Disintegrator, Terrabomb, Electron Jet: Range increase. Lightning Rifle, Multistunner: EMP increase. Scatter beam: Tighter spread
  • Mobius System - Increased HP regen
  • Personal Shield - Incompatible with Personal Cloak
  • Personal Cloak - Incompatible with Personal Shield
  • Valhallan Reactor - Explode violently on death.
  • System Reboot - Remove status effects. Details TBD.
  • Energy Cell


  • Disruptor Ammo - Add slow damage to LPB/beam/scatter/HPB/terrabomb, increase slow damage of Disruptor Bomb
  • Lazarus Device
  • Dual-Phase Lathe - Increased build power and build radius
  •  ???
  • Disruptor Drones - Gain four Viper drones
  • Pocket Genie - Djinn sidearm
  • Area Cloaker -


  • Napalm Warheads
  • Vanguard Deployment - Deploy resource generator
  • High-Density Plating - +HP
  • Hybrid CPU - Decreased reload time
  • Assault Drones - Gain four Heavy drones
  • Anchoring System - Reduced damage when stationary
  • Area Shield -


  •  ???
  • Personal Cloak
  • Jump Booster - Decreased jump cooldown.
  • Sensor Array - Increased vision radius, increases Field Radar radius
  • Augmented Hydraulics - Large speed increase
  • Lathe Overclocker - Temporary build power boost.
  • Impact Distributor - Increase jump range. Inflict damage on landing.

Speculative Quantification[edit]

Commander Stats[edit]

Note that HP/lvl takes effect at level 2 and above.

  • Morph Costs: Level 2 - 50, Level 3 - 300, All subsequent levels - 500
  • Default: 128 build range, 5 HP/s combat repair
  • Strike: 3200 + 400/lvl HP, 10 HP/s combat repair
  • Engineer: 3000 + 400/lvl HP, 180 build range
  • Guardian: 3400 + 700/lvl HP
  • Recon: 2750 + 400/lvl HP, Jump has 25s CD


All modules cost 50. (Could roll this into default morph cost.)

  • Ablative Armor Plates (max 6): +600 HP
  • Damage Booster (max 6): +10% weapon damage
  • High Power Servos (max 3/6): +4 elmo/s
  • CarRepairer's Nanolathe (max 3/6): +5 BP
  • Autorepair Module (max 3/6): +10 HP/s
  • Advanced Targeting (max 0/3): +10% weapon range
  • Field Radar Module (max 1): Adds radar, 1800 radius


All weapons cost 0 unless otherwise indicated.

Primary and Upgraded Weapons[edit]

Name Range Reload time Damage DPS Strike Engineer Guardian Recon Notes
Lightning Rifle 300 1.83 220+550 120+300 EMP duration: 1s
Beam Laser 330 150 Constant beam
Electron Jet 270 0.17 11+11 66+66 EMP duration: 1s
Pierces units
Does more damage against larger units
Scatter Beam 290 1.5 32x9 (288) 192
Light particle beam 310 0.33 55 165
Heavy particle beam 390 2.5 800 320
Missile launcher 415 1 80 80 Homing
Rocket launcher 430 3 360 120 Not homing
Riot cannon 275 2 220 110 AoE
Shotgun 290 2 32x12 (384) 192
Flame thrower 270 0.17 11 66 Sets units on fire for 15s(15 DPS)
Pierces units
Does more damage against larger units
Heatray 320 0.1 0 - 60 0 - 600 Damage falls off linearly with range
Machine Gun 285 0.17 30 180
Railgun 330 0.5 75 150
Pea Shooter 300 0.1 12 120 Default weapon

Secondary Weapons[edit]



All subsystems cost 0 unless otherwise indicated.

Strike Subsystems[edit]

Name Type Description
Flux Amplifier Minor Default: +25% weapon range. LR, EJ, MS: +25% EMP damage, +1s EMP time. SB: 15% weapon range, decreased spread
Mobius System Minor +15 HP/s regen.
Personal Shield Minor 1600 HP shield. Incompatible with Personal Cloak.
Personal Cloak Minor Cloaks the commander. Incompatible with Personal Shield.
Valhallan Reactor Major Explode (somewhere between a tacnuke and a singu) on death.
System Reboot Major Removes EMP/Slow/Disarm effects when triggered, or when 100% stunned. 120 second cooldown.
Energy Cell Major +30 E/s
Lazarus Device Major Commander can resurrect wrecks.

Engineer Subsystems[edit]

Name Type Description
Disruptor Ammo Minor Default: +100% damage as slow. DB: 2x slow, 3s overslow.
Lazarus Device Minor Commander can resurrect wrecks.
Dual-Phase Lathe Minor +5 build power, increased build radius.
 ??? Minor  ???
Disruptor Drones Major +4 slowdrone
Pocket Genie Major Make like a Djinn
Area Cloaker Major As before
Personal Shield Major 1600 HP shield.

Guardian Subsystems[edit]

Name Type Description
Napalm Warheads Minor Default: Increase weapon AoE by 16, sets targets on fire. Manual weapons: ???
Vanguard Deployment Minor Deploys Vanguard economy module.
High-Density Plating Minor +1000 HP
Hybrid CPU Minor -10% weapon reload time.
Assault Drones Major +4 heavy drones (stats TBD).
Anchoring Module Major Reduces damage by 50% when stationary.
Area Shield Major 2400 HP area shield.
Sensor Suite Major Vision and sonar radius increased to 800. +1000 to Radar module radius.

Recon Subsystems[edit]

Name Type Description
 ??? Minor  ???
Personal Cloak Minor Cloaks the commander.
Jump Booster Minor Jump cooldown decreased to 12s.
Sensor Suite Minor Vision and sonar radius increased to 800. +1000 to Radar module radius.
Augmented Hydraulics Major +10 elmo/s movespeed.
Lathe Overclocker Major +50 build power for 15 seconds. Commander cannot build for remainder of 60s cooldown.
Impact Distributor Major +150 jump range. Inflict 500 damage on jump landing.
Vanguard Deployment Major Deploys Vanguard economy module.