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This is an attempt to create a standard rule set for tournaments and may not be final. Failure to follow these rules will result in you being banned from a number of tournaments in the future.


  • Offer a sporting GG after a close match.
  • Sign in before the start of a tournament.
  • Report the result of a match in #zktourney - No longer necessary
  • Switch maps to an appropriate map in a timely manner, in event of a fixed map pool.
  • Have fun!

DO NOT[edit]

  • Be a sore winner or loser. Mild banter is acceptable so long as you don't make anyone feel unwelcome.
  • Spam #zktourney
  • Post unrelated topics in #zktourney during tournaments. (Before/After tournaments is fine, I just want to have chat clear is all so I can read stuff easier)
  • Be unreasonably late. (This will disqualify you)
  • AFK during the tournament. (Unless you're waiting for a match or in-game). You will have 5 minutes after a ping to respond or you will be dropped. This has been mostly resolved with the new tournament controller stuff. It's still disrespectful to your opponent/allies and is discouraged.
  • Force your teammates to not play. (EG: force them to play commshare and deny them the ability to play)
  • Drag games on needlessly. For example:
    • Bury your remaining units
    • Spam razors to force your opponents to kill them off.
    • Opponents may report this behavior in #zktourney and I will resolve this.

Major infractions will be forwarded to admins for review.