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Chicken Eggs[edit]

chicken eggs game

<[DDM]lavishpcar2[CA]> overdrive is broken?
<[LCC]Google_Frog[CA]> there's nothing to overdrive stupid


<[LCC]KingRaptor[CA]> sak really got me with the "metal from trees" thing there :(
<Clogger> wow, sak beat krapt at science?
<Clogger> drop out of school now, krapt
<Clogger> sak beat you at science
<FlagHacker> you can also modify that to sound better
<FlagHacker> since you're the scientist
<FlagHacker> i was just getting the ball rolling and hoping to inspire. you can continue the work
<[LCC]KingRaptor[CA]> I'm not the scientist anymore
<FlagHacker> why not?
<[LCC]KingRaptor[CA]> I quit school after sak schooled me at science :(
<FlagHacker> i see
<FlagHacker> i lolled
<FlagHacker> pwned
<FlagHacker> a spring related argument made someone quit school. we've hit the big time
<gerkinzola> bender pop quiz: whay does a solution of CR207(-2)(aq0 turn yellow when NaOH is added?
<[LCC]Saktoth> oh i know this one
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> the dichromate form converts to the chromate form CrO4(2-) under basic conditions
<[LCC]Saktoth> did you actually know that off the top of your head det
<[LCC]Saktoth> i mean KR
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> yeah
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> I am studying for a BSc at Monash University you know
<[LCC]Saktoth> and you wrote the CA fluff?
<[LCC]Saktoth> are you sure thats what you're studying?


<[CA]Zirconium> Fred Nietzsche's Revenge
<[LCC]Saktoth> Its not nietzchean!
<KDR_11k> nietz-chan!
<[LCC]Saktoth> Nietzsche was a hack.
<[LCC]Saktoth> He was AGAINST nihilism.
<KDR_11k> Nietzsche was emo, no?
<[LCC]Saktoth> yes
<[LCC]Saktoth> Neitzche was the first emo.
<KDR_11k> Well, okay, noone beats Kafka in emo...
<[LCC]Saktoth> 'Oh woe is me nihilism is so bad i dont believe in anything.'
<[LCC]Saktoth> Bitch get in line. Nihilism is the best.
<[0K]Licho> gundam universe is confusing :(
<[0K]Licho> ZK's inventive one is much better - robot kill robots for no reason whatsoever
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> Licho: it's actually plagarized from a setting called IRL where organics kill organics for no reason whatsoever

Bizarre commits[edit]

<[LCC]Google_Frog[0K]> I had to point out the path to victory to KR
<[LCC]Google_Frog[0K]> make the unit that KR recently balanced
<PressureLine> in saying that though... am i the ony one who misses the days when quant would commit something totally bizzare
<PressureLine> and then we could watch Sak having seizures on the floor
<[LCC]Saktoth> no becuase we have car, midknight, maackey and KR for that
<[LCC]Licho[CA]> wtf.. pet shop boys instead of soviet anthem does not fit at all
<[LCC]Licho[CA]> that sux [CAT]loong
<[LCC]Licho[CA]> this is worse idea than all bad ideas of CarRepairer[CA] and [1uP]MidKnight together and on steroids
<Yogzototh> 2: you can capture spy satellite with arm air cons
<[LCC]KingRaptor[CA]> best solution I can think of for 2 is to REMOVE OWL, but that never seems to happen :(
<Yogzototh> yeh
<Yogzototh> you just need to remove carrepairer first
<Yogzototh> then you unlock owl removal
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> I did not have relations with that gadget
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> who wrote necro walkscript?
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> he's going to be collecting unemployment checks when I find out
<det[THE]dave> oo oo
<det[THE]dave> I did it
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> x_x
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> argh stupid modules
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> :|
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> why do you do things that make people rage?
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> what'd I do
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> module that makes carrier drones?
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> or a completely misleading name
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> the drones are slightly different from the carrier drones
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> do units spawn?
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> yes
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> how is that different at all?
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> did you ask the question?
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> "Can I get more of X by building a unit?"
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> don't forget the second question for this one
<[LCC]GoogleFrog_DOOP> "Does sea count?"
<SaktothIVL> You know I don't get why people add new abilities to something like the Krow.
<SaktothIVL> The unit was fine. The new ability is really interesting, but now it's two units.
<SaktothIVL> IMO the idea of a down-firing mega-d-gun weapon is great, but putting it on a perfectly accurate all aspect skirm tank? O_o what
<[LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]> KR's balance senses alterted him to a low probability event
<[LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]> someone had almost fine tuned the balance (as much as possible) of a unit that costs 5k
<[LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]> Worse Yet!! the unit had a ROLE!
<[LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]> 5k unit with role? imposibru!
<[LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]> so he leapt into action quickly formulating a counter to this role idea
<[LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]> that is basically what happened
<[LCC]GoogleFrog[0K]> but somehow it is reasonable balanced in spite of his efforts


<CarRepairer> it's simple really.
<CarRepairer> unit cost = (pwn - fail) * baw
<[1uP]CarRepairer> so why is shield bot fac an unlock now?
<[0K]luckywaldo7> 1st rule of ca: dont ask why, ask why not
<[1uP]CarRepairer> ok
<[1uP]CarRepairer> why is shield bot fac not not an unlock
<[0K]luckywaldo7> x_x
<CarRepairer> i just played 1v1
<CarRepairer> WHAT A RUSH
<CarRepairer> have you guys tried this?
<detrino> how badly did you lose
<CarRepairer> i won
<CarRepairer> it was a newb
<CarRepairer> when i hover over exit to desktop it reads "ask teammates to resign"
<CarRepairer> kinda annoying 
<CarRepairer> KingRaptor when i change "show advanced settings" in the initial submenu it closes the window
<KingRaptor> will fix those issues shortly
<KingRaptor> on an unrelated note, the more I look at your minimap window the more hideous it becomes
<CarRepairer> so what's your problem with my minimap
<xponen> lol, whats the problem
<KingRaptor> it has over 9000 acres of wasted space
<KingRaptor> as is typically american
<KingRaptor> I guess most other games avoid heavily elongated maps though
<CarRepairer> it's predictable
<CarRepairer> also i have clear blue skies
<CarRepairer> your minimap and chat text are filling your skies with crap like beijing
<xponen> lol whats this
<CarRepairer> you have to wear a gas mask to leave your house
<xponen> its like in the future! everyone wear gasmask and protection
<xponen> is good
<CarRepairer> i'm in the utopian future
<CarRepairer> and you are in the distopian future
<gajop> but anyway, jpop is filled with weired non-music elements such as visual kei and AKB48 virgin girl group bands
<gajop> guess what the number stands in the name of AKB48?
<[LCC]jK> 69 in japense?
<CarRepairer> 48 is the number of hours you have to use the morning after pill
<CarRepairer> hi
<gajop> o/
<CarRepairer> how are you today
<gajop> hungry
<CarRepairer> serbia was hungary, took a bit of turkey, dipped it in some greece, fried it in japan and ate it off china
<gajop> yeh but with no food i've been in spain all day 
<CarRepairer> you're always russian
<NinjaGaiden> oops, this is wrong account
<NinjaGaiden> Guess who I am
<[LCC]Licho[CA]> some noob
<[LCC]Licho[CA]> car
<[LCC]KingRaptor[CA]> lol
<[LCC]KingRaptor[CA]> car probably, but more annoying
** [LCC]det[CA] joined the channel.
** NinjaGaiden left the channel( Quit ).
<[LCC]det[CA]> Car :<
<[LCC]KingRaptor[CA]> HA HA HA
<[LCC]Licho[CA]> lol


<HiKitty> how do you think about a flame-ball like firewalker on goli?
<HiKitty> without the area burn effect and more fire damage
<[DrK]xponen> why it need to be flame ball?
<HiKitty> the main gun?
<SaktothIVL> thats an antiswarm weapon
<[DrK]xponen> gollie is not riot right?
<[DrK]xponen> so shouldn't have balls
<HiKitty> yes, but it will burn itself if raiders get close
<[DrK]xponen> why not the current flame thrower?
<HiKitty> sumo jumps on goli and it stuck
<HiKitty> jacks jump back
<Rafal[0K]> make Golli place wolverine mines around itself :P
<[DrK]xponen> good for the sumo
<HiKitty> it needs an area-denial role against heavies
<Rafal[0K]> weapon can be either area or antiheavy, not both
<HiKitty> because else heavies walk around it (hills) or use the hill-terrain to outrange goli
<Rafal[0K]> unless it is nuke
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> "without the area burn effect"
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> "area denial"
<[DrK]xponen> why deny area from hevies?
<Rafal[0K]> dont listen to Neon :P
<[DrK]xponen> cant heavies go anywhere?
<HiKitty> area denial - not where the weapon hits, but from where the goli stands
<Rafal[0K]> he types random words
<HiKitty> heavies should not be allowed to get close to golis - or they should get a HP penalty
* [LCC]KingRaptor[0K] uses Renegade interrupt
<HiKitty> that is area denial - isn't it?
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> I've had enough of your sophist ramblings
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> !mute HiKitty 
Channel message: <[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> has muted <HiKitty>
<SinKitty> it is not bad if it outranges hlt, as long as it has a low enough dps
<SinKitty> the problem if slashers is, that they have not the time to kill bombers
<SinKitty> or gunships
<SinKitty> because they effectively have -500 range vs Brawlers
<SinKitty> they could have something like 15-20 dps over a very huge area, and wouldn't be worth the cost if something gets repaired
<SinKitty> terra will block, it wouldn't block merl
<SinKitty> 15 dps would be equal to shield regeneration per cost ^
<SaktothIVL> Why is sinkitty posting in zkdev
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> !info
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> guess it's up to me
<[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> !mute SinKitty 
Channel message: <[LCC]KingRaptor[0K]> has muted <SinKitty>


<emmanuelSUXX> i get award by studying the robotic prototype from 1960
<emmanuelSUXX> what hapended since 1969 ???
<emmanuelSUXX> in matrix1 they said the tech level loop at 1995 or so but its false
<emanuell> starwars happend and made all financing of imperial material in sience evil
<emanuell> the development of at-at walkers at boston dynamics was thrown back for half a century
<emmanuelSUXX> walker vehicule 1969 ,landing on moon 1969
<emmanuelSUXX> not random
<emmanuelSUXX> the actual "mule" robot is a..robot not a piloted vehicule computerless
<emmanuelSUXX> its what at mean :the human exited the tech since 1969
<emmanuelSUXX> terminator is a fake their is no need to collect body forany task
<emmanuelSUXX> i born obsolete
<emmanuelSUXX> damn!
<emmanuelSUXX> insemination is crime


<Forever>  its a spammer
<Forever>  that usually sits in zkdev
<Forever>  think hes an admin or some kind of dev
<Forever>  that trolls for x mas
<Forever>  i gues hes to happy from drinking
<Forever>  and wants some fun
<[ISP]IrishDruid>  lulz a troll admin?
<Forever>  kind of
<[ISP]IrishDruid>  a troll admin = epic win for the troll admin
<Forever>  of course
<Forever>  he knows how the game is coded
<Forever>  and knows how to use that in his advantage
<Forever>  but i am sure its a big elo troll admin
<Forever>  cause he plays like a 2000 elo
Channel message: <Nightwatch> kicked <<Forever> > from the server (reason: Banned)
<[ISP]IrishDruid>  LOLWUT?
<[ISP]IrishDruid>  ....
<TheMooseIsLoose>  he knows too much
<TheMooseIsLoose>  they can't let him live
<[ISP]IrishDruid> Or maybe he know too little...
<GoogleFrog> forum ban is stupid
<GoogleFrog> listen to me, I'm the one that didn't think chicken comm was a good idea
<[I]burp> how are admins chosen?
<Saktoth> Nice people with good records
<[I]burp> lol
<[I]burp> you don't believe that yourself
<Anarchid> nice people with good records, and skasi
<[I]burp> should I go on with the "and" part?
<Anarchid> also anybody who has lobby admin privs automaticlly gets zkadmin privs 
<Anarchid> i think
<[I]burp> its basically endless
<Anarchid> The "and" part was somewhat of a joke. Do you think there are much evil, abusive admins, then?
<Anarchid> If you want to complain about a specific case, there's report button ;)
<[I]burp> abusive? yea I reported one once
<[I]burp> that was like the only report I ever made
<[I]burp> many others are just no good admins
<[I]burp> they are not tolerant enough, kicking and banning arbitrarily
<[I]burp> when they had like a bad day
<Anarchid> you are complaining about getting kicked
<Anarchid> go file a report
<[I]burp> without taking care about the situation
<[I]burp> lol, as if its worth it
<Anarchid> your unspecific whining is not useful and cannot be resolved
<[I]burp> it doesnt change anything
<Anarchid> god damnit
<Anarchid> i have a wife for this kind of talk

Words of wisdom[edit]

<Histidine> made you a team Owner
<Anarchid> oooh delicious power!
<Alcur> With great power comes great responsibility
<Anarchid> I think i'm in the secret core team, but the secret core team doesn't own the CrashReports repository, so ironically
<Anarchid> This new addition to my hoard is not useful
<Anarchid> For this particular task
<Alcur> One is not necessarily allowed to exert power despite having it
<Anarchid> Then that's not power :P
<Sprung> the power that is not exertible is more resilient though, ergo more powerful
<Anarchid> having the power to punish sinners is more resilient than having the power to arbitrarily punish the righteous, sure
<Anarchid> but having the power to punish sinners that cannot be exerted to punish sinners is barely power at all
<Histidine> the greatest power is that which can be exerted to prevent its retraction by those who granted it


<xponen> This is cool idea: "Player X killed Queen with 1 damage"
<xponen> this is the coolest achievement
<xponen> same like shooting pistol at queen and it die... = achievement!
<KingRaptor> your mother is the coolest achievement
<xponen> erm... a meme
<KingRaptor> and a rather unfunny one at that
<KingRaptor> I know
<KingRaptor> I used to think "your mother" was a witty insult
<KingRaptor> then I took an arrow in the knee
<detrino> banana is the worst possible fruit to name yourself after
<detrino> are you even aware dragon fruit exists ??
<banana_N0U> detrino: You said Banana like it is something bad.
<CarRepairer> he likes bananas
<CarRepairer> ever since he came to canada and saw his first banana
<CarRepairer> they don't have them in the old country
<Shadowfury333> as everyone knows, bananas are native to Vancouver
<detrino> I would never capitalize banana
<detrino> it deserves no such respect
<detrino> unlike me
<detrino> I always capitalize I
<Shadowfury333> but you don't capitalize detrino
<detrino> Im not rich like you
<detrino> d is the most expensive of all capital letters
<Shadowfury333> ah
<detrino> ahh, to be a canadian
<detrino> all the capital d's you can write
<Shadowfury333> it is nice, I will aDmit
<detrino> and maple syrup right off the trees
<Shadowfury333> only in Quêbec
<Shadowfury333> well, there might be other parts of the country that have it, but Quêbec is the main place to get it
<detrino> accented e's
<detrino> now you are just flaunting your wealth
<detrino> its offensive
<Shadowfury333> hêy, what êlsê am I supposêD to Do with it?
<detrino> im sorry
<detrino> I overreacted
<Shadowfury333> Diacritics and capitals prêtty much grow on trêês hêrê
<detrino> its not like you used upside down ? or anything
<Shadowfury333> truê
<Shadowfury333> thosê arê only rêally founD furthêr south, nêar Mêxico
<Saktoth> And so now naturally it is like a 'woah.. Saktoth... you sleep with lots of women THAT IS WEIRD'... so Google and KingRaptor made fun of me by saying that all the CEGS in Zero-K are named after my girlfriends.
<KingRaptor> I didn't make the connection to you, only google did
<KingRaptor> I was making fun of quant
<Saktoth> So you are making fun of quant by implying he is poly!
<Saktoth> Why don't you imply that they are all boys names and so HE IS GAY.
<Saktoth> Make fun of him for being GAY KR!
<KingRaptor> I don't think "tess" and "chloe" are common boy's names
<Saktoth> Are you making fun of boys with girls names KingRaptor?
<KingRaptor> x_x
<Saktoth> Man you're running the gamut, why don't you say that they 'sound like black peoples names'?
<Helwor> join specs
<KingRaptor> !votemap
* Springiee Poll: Do you want to change to a suitable random map? [!y=0/3, !n=0/3]
<Helwor> !y
<CrakKCRacKKrAkK> specs dont like my map
<CrakKCRacKKrAkK> !n
<CrakKCRacKKrAkK> unspec or stfu
<KingRaptor> not unspeccing unless map changes
<KingRaptor> so...
<Ahira> !y
<Dylstar> !y
* Springiee Poll: Do you want to change to a suitable random map? [END:SUCCESS]
* Springiee changing map to Lowland Crossing Revised v2
<CrakKCRacKKrAkK> terrorists win
<FireNeb> Licho reported!
<FireNeb> :P
<Licho> it was accident
<Licho> i was testing something else
<FireNeb> :\
<FireNeb> Licho self-d smurfs say the same! Oppps I killed half of the team with self-d, it was accident :P
<FireNeb> jking :)
<Sprung> happens IRL too
<Sprung> "daddy, how was i born?"
<Skasi> it was accident
<Skasi> i was testing something else
<Skasi> soz sprung :<
"You can Maek D-Fenz, or you can play the game" - Ivory King
"Don't try to make your econ grow faster than his, try to make his grow slower than yours." - KDR_11k