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*  Health 360 -> 300


* Range 800 -> 730
* Reload Time 5 -> 5.5


* Real Damage 220 -> 190

Banisher transformed into a dedicated riot:

* Cost 780 -> 520
* Range 430 -> 340
* Damage 650 -> 440
* Reload time 4s -> 2.3s

Halved the most recent Brawler DPS nerf:

* Before: 21.5
* Recently: 15
* Now: 18.3


* Cost 2000 -> 1700
* Health 12.5k -> 13.5k


* Removed weapon.
* Has only one shield (to fix charge transfer and disarm problems).
* Viper (large drone) range 450 -> 350
* Firefly (small drone) range 400 -> 250

Gauss has a regeneration rate of 20 health/second when closed. This occurs even when under fire.

Units within an area cloaker now gain the default decloak radius . Exceptions are:

* Active area cloakers.
* Units with decloak radius smaller than the default.

In effect units such as Sniper and Skuttle will have much smaller decloak radius when under an area cloaker.

Invisible scouting is now a bit harder:

* Gremlin decloak radius 75 -> 140
* Flea decloak radius 75 -> 120

Singularity Reactor's death now causes a gravitational implosion.

Slow and Disarm damage will now always apply to shields as damage with a 1/3 modifier (same behaviour as EMP).

Overdrive Allocation[edit]

* Overdrive metal changed from {{{sqrt(1+(E/4))-1}}} to {{{sqrt(E)/4}}}
* Mexes now have a fixed return of about 90 metal to the constructor. The time it takes to do this depends on the mex income.
* Halved the payback factor for energy structures. The builder of the structure already receives some benefit through the public OD pool as well.
* Maximum privatized OD share from 50% to 33%. This means that in a team with only one person producing energy they would get 33% of the OD as well as their public share.


* The latest attempt at an economy panel is now the default. This one should be the last.
* Fixed selections window text clipping and image alignment.
* Space+click menu contains more information.
* Teal team colour is now reserved for the player's own team, meaning spectators will not see one of the teams in that colour.
* Added a RoI Tracker widget to track teammmates' return of economy investment, disabled by default.
* The widths of elements in Deluxe Player List are now configurable by character/digit count.
* Power-user widgets now have read access to additional parameters for overdrive, ground damage and floating and can skip the "Hide engine messages" filter (see next post for details).


* Fixed Dante consistently interrupting its salvo.
* Fixed Doomsday Machine and Stardust being blocked by trees and wreckage (will now attempt to blast through them).
* Fixed unit rank display.
* Fixed spectators being able to control team 0's retreat havens.
* Fixed spectators being able to place pre-game queues.
* Fixed Zenith meteors disappearing on impact.
* Fixed outdated Sumo and Urchin helptexts.
* Fixed Solar Collectors taking damage during construction being force-opened.
* Fixed a Jump UI crash when attempting to give a jump order to a mixed jumper/non-jumper selection.
* Fixed queuing jump orders for Jumpy Factory.
* Fixed Ctrl+MMB orbit rotation in COFC not working at high zoom-in levels.
* Fixed extra drone construction that happened when attempting to spawn a drone when all slots were taken.