Engine Testing

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Steps to test the engine

  1. Host a Custom room and set a password.
  2. Check https://github.com/beyond-all-reason/spring/releases for the most recent version.
  3. Look at the most recent release.
  4. Type '!engine X' where X is the part after {BAR105}. At the time of writing X is '105.1.1-475-gd112b9e'.
  5. If Nightwatch says 'Engine changed to X' then the engine was set successfully. See the heading below if it fails.
  6. Optional: Remove the password with '!password'.
  7. Not Optional: Do not change the game mode from Custom, this will reset the engine to default.
  8. WARNING skirmish AIs other than 'AI: Legacy' will not work as they need rebuilding for each engine.
  9. Have people join the game, screw around in the lobby, etc.
  10. Reassure everyone that it is fine if nothing appears to happen for many minutes when you start the game.
  11. Start the game.
  12. Wait for the engine to silently download in the background.
  13. Have the game start, spend a while caching, and exit because you took minutes to connect.
  14. Go back to the lobby, wait for everyone to indicate that they have completed the previous two steps.
  15. Start the game - for real this time (or maybe the second last time, because now you have to do the first-time ZK launch cache).
  16. Play the game, or maybe test specific things.
  17. Note any weirdness, bugs, or performance issues on the battle thread or elsewhere.
  18. Have everyone else in the room do the above.
  19. Repeat

What if Step 5 Fails?

Two options:

  1. Ask GoogleFrog to load the desired release into the server.
  2. Try a release further down the list.