PlanetWars diplomacy

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The basics

Certain faction leaders can negotiate treaties with other factions. These treaties are modular and can incorporate several elements:

  • Space access: allows ships to pass through territory
  • Ceasefire: prevents ship attacks
  • Non-aggression pact: prevents attacks and influence spreading
  • Alliance
  • Avoid planet: ships cannot be sent to that planet
  • Give influence on planet
  • Give resources once
  • Give resources per turn

All proposed and current treaties signed by a faction are visible on the faction's page.


Give Resources

The resources that can be given are metal, dropships, bombers and warp cores. Energy can also be traded, but only on a per-turn basis, not as a lump sum.

If a faction is unable to pay a per-turn transfer, the entire treaty is suspended until payment can be resumed.


  • Ships can pass through allied territory.
  • Technologies are shared.
  • All effects of the non-aggression pact are in place.