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Quota is a system to control the faction's [ManualPlanetWarsEconomy Economy]. Most players have a personal quota which is the amount of resources they can spend from the faction pool. Players gain personal quota by producing resources. Personal quota is lost by spending resources. In effect players are able to spend as much as they produce.

Some players can spend from the entire faction pool of resources. These players are elected by the faction or appointed roles by elected players.

The quota system covers all stockpilable resources. They are; Metal, Dropships, Bombers and Warp Cores.


Factions are managed by a group of people with increased privileges. The major roles are split into military and economic ones. Both branches have a leader appointed by a popular vote. These can appoint as many side managers of their respective duties as they want to. There is also an electable overall leader who can appoint and recall the two specialized leaders. The overall leader can also appoint strategists to control the faction strategic notice boards. Additionally, there are diplomatic roles that can draft and sign treaties between factions.

The military leader and managers have full control over the faction's spaceships (dropships, bombers, and warp cores).

The economic ones have full control over the faction's Metal and can also control the Energy priorities.

The strategists can control the faction notice board (which is seen on the faction page, and as the topic in the faction channel).

The diplomatic branch controls the treaties with other factions. These may include ceasefires, alliances, exchange of resources including metal, energy, ships, and warp cores, or transfer of planets - including the faction's homeworld.

The overall leader has full control over everything.


Each votable position can be ran for by every member of the faction. A vote to recall the current official for the given role without specifying a new one can also be called. An election takes 3 days. If the majority of voters agreed, the candidate replaces the current official in the role. Multiple elections can run simultaneously, including for the same role.