Reporting Bugs

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To do a basic bug report do the following:

  1. Cause the bug to occur. This will often involve running a battle. If you can, put some unique sentence in the chat after you observe the bug, and tell people about this sentence later on.
  2. If the bug is a crash to desktop then skip to step 6, otherwise continue.
  3. Navigate back to the main menu of the lobby.
  4. In the main menu click Help, then click Report A Bug.
  5. Describe the bug, give the bug a title, and click Submit.
  6. Click 'Ok' on the Automated crash report dialogue that appears.
  7. Your web browser should open a web page with your bug report. Copy the link to this page.
  8. Tell someone about this bug, perhaps in #support in Discord or on the forum. Paste the bug report link from step 7 when you do so.

Taking and attaching a screenshot is vital for visual bugs.

For a more advanced bug report create a GitHub account and open an issue on the appropriate issue tracker:

Describe steps to reproduce the bug. Attaching images or linking a video is very helpful.