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I think a very brief summary of each factory could be very helpful, like:

  • Cloakbots: High DPS, fragile, relatively shorter-ranged. Several units are cloaked or have area cloaking.
  • Shieldbots: Tough, low DPS. Several units have shields and shield-related abilities such as turning shields into damage.

Etc. I would do it myself, but I know far too little of the different factories to be able to give good brief summaries.

In addition, it might be nice to automatically generate and show (similar to this script: , which is some really nice functionality, kudos to Histidine91) a box plot for each of some different main statistics, such as "DPS/cost", "Hit Points/cost", "Movement Speed", "Range", "Weapon AOE". The units of each factory would then be depicted with one box in each box plot. That by itself could give an easy way to get a quick and superficial impression of how each factory compares to other factories. That said, lots of units have special abilities or special weapons, and even regular statistics can have major importance (which I think is a really nice part of Zero-K), so for at least some of those statistics, the plots might be both difficult and laboursome to automatically generate as well as possibly be very misleading, which might be worse than no impression. So this may not be a good idea and not at all worth the time or effort.