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Transport AI

Transport AI involves 2 basic things:

  • Transports automatically pick up units from factories and drop them off at their waypoint (they follow factory orders until nearest non-move command).

Two queueable commands: _Embark_ and _Disembark_ - these commands appear on transportable land units and factories when you build your first air transport. Embark = wait for transport to pick me up. Disembark* = disembark from transport

Possible uses

1. Give bot factory waypoints through safe area next to the current battlefield.
  * Result: Units walk along these waypoints and if there are idle transports they will pick them up and transport them to their destination.
2. Give factory waypoint to ally's base entrance followed by patrol.
  * Result: Units walk there and if transport nearby it will pick it up, drop it off and the unit will start patrolling.
3. Give factory a move order near your base, _Embark_, then move to an impassable mountain.
  * Result: Units will emerge from factory and enter _Embark_ mode - they will stand there and wait for transport to get them to the mountain.
4. Select crawling bombs, click to move to enemy base then click _Embark_.
  * Result: Bombs will stop and wait for transports, transports will carry them to enemy base.
5. Select Dantes, give them move commands across air safe areas, followed by disembark from behind the base spot and move to enemy base. Then click _Embark_. 
  * Result: Dantes will stop and wait for transports. Transport will carry them along the waypoints to back of enemy base, unload them. From there Dantes will continue on foot.

Notes and details

  • In all of these cases transports return to the spot where they took unit using the same path.
  • Transports might skip some units because it finds it useless to transport them. It takes several things into account - distance of transport from unit, planned unit path, unit speed, transport speed, transport land times, terrain height differences - all of this is used to estimate the "benefit" of transporting given unit with air transport. Benefit = number of seconds saved by using transporter. It only transports units if benefit is higher than 5 seconds and in order of benefit (slowest units will be transported first, fast units might be ignored completely). Exception to this is the _Embark_ command which serves as "priority" transport - units waiting with the _Embark_ command will be served first.

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