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General Comments

Certain combinations of weapons and modules (especially Dgun and Jump) are quite problematic. The existing commander system deals with this through chassis. A future system could address the issue with chassis (potentially requires lots of models), arbitrary exclusion pairs (messy) or chassis-like exclusion patterns. The following uses the third option but could be easily modified to be like the first.

Level Structure

Commanders start at level 1 with their default weapon (which will be replaced at level 2) and the Vanguard economy module. Maximum level is 7.

Level 2: Primary weapon and two modules
Level 3: Two modules
Level 4: Weapon and two modules
Level 5: Two modules
Level 6: Three modules
Level 7: Three modules

Weapon Modules

Weapon upgrades are *not* mutually exclusive. (Optional: Choose at most 2 upgrades per weapon.)

Not all of the weapon options are meant to be exciting.

Primary Weapons

Name Damage Range AoE Special Upgrade Option 1 Upgrade Option 2 Upgrade Option 3
Beam Laser ★★★ ★★ ★ (default weapon) None None None
Light Particle Beam ★★★ ★★★ +Damage +Slow HPB Conversion
Shotgun ★★★★ +Damage +Focus +Slow
Riot Cannon ★★ ★★ ★★ +Damage +AoE +Fire
Heavy Machine Gun ★★★ ★★ +Damage +Accuracy +Slow
Lightning Gun ★★ ★★ ★★ (EMP) +Damage +EMP Cone Conversion
Rocket Launcher ★★ ★★★★ ☆ (slow projectile) +Damage +Proj. Speed +Fire
Flamethrower ★★★ ★ (fire damage) +Damage +Width +Afterburn
Grenade Launcher ★★★ ★★ ★★ ☆ (slow projectile) +Damage +AoE +Disarm

Secondary Weapons

Must go in the second weapon slot. (Limit to level 4 and up?)

Name Limitation Damage Range AoE Utility Upgrade Option 1 Upgrade Option 2 Upgrade Option 3
Multistunner Engineer only ★★ ★★ (EMP) -Reload +EMP +Stun Time
Sunburst Cannon/Dgun Guardian only ★★★★ -Reload +Damage +Range
Disruptor Bomb Recon only ★★ ★ (slow) -Reload +AoE +Slow
SLAM ★★ ★★★★ ☆ (slow projectile) -Reload +range +AoE
Cluster Bomb ★★ ★★ -Reload +Projectiles +Damage
Concussion Shell ★★ ★★★ -Reload +Damage +Charges
Hellfire Grenade ★★ ★ (fire) -Reload +Afterburn +AoE
Terrabomb ★★ ★ (terraform) -Reload +Terraform +AoE

System Modules

Having acquired a module you can then choose which of the two upgrade paths to follow.

For example:

At level 2, we can choose any two of the seven modules. Choose Sensor Suite and Ablative Armor.

At level 3, we can do any two of:

* upgrade Sensor Suite to Area Jammer or Drone Director
* upgrade Ablative Armor to High Density Plating or Photovoltaic Plating
* add a new module
* add a new module

Say we upgrade to Drone Director and add High Power Servos. At level 4 we can do any two of:

* upgrade Drone Director to control more drones or have more vision/radar
* upgrade Ablative Armor to High Density Plating or Hull Down mode
* upgrade High Power Servos for more speed or buoyancy tanks
* add a new module
* add a new module

The Jumpjets, Nanolathe and Advanced Targeting module groups are mutually exclusive. A commander which takes the Jumpjets path is "Recon-type", a commander which takes the Nanolathe path is "Engineer-type" and a commander which takes the Advanced Targeting path is "Guardian-type".

Name Description Upgrade Option 1 ...followed by: Upgrade Option 2 ...followed by:
Jumpjets Jump like Recon com, longer cd/shorter range? Impact Distributor (damage on landing) More damage OR -cooldown Superjump (+range) ++Range OR -cooldown
CarRepairer's Nanolathe +BP Lazarus Device (+BP, Rez) +BP +BP, +BPrange +BP, +BPrange
Advanced Targeting +Range +Range ++Range -Speed or +Range Charge ++Range when still Better charging OR +Range
Sensor Suite Increase vision and radar range. Area Jammer +Jammer radius OR +vision, +radar Drone Director (several drones) More drones OR +vision, +radar
Ablative Armor +HP High Density Plating (++HP) ++HP OR +HP, +HP/s Hull down mode, -HP Reduce activation time OR +HP, +HP/s
High Power Servos +Speed +Speed Spider Legs (all-terrain) OR +Speed Buoyancy Tanks Water regeneration, buoys faster OR +Speed
Autorepair System +HP/s Nanite Sheath (+HP, +HP/s) +HP, +HP/s OR ++HP/s System Reboot (remove status effects, long cooldown) Lower Reboot cd OR ++HP/s
Vanguard Deployment Place Vanguard module in separate structure Personal Cloak Area Cloak OR lower E cost Personal Shield Area Shield OR stronger shield / faster regen