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If a factory is weak to something, such as Jumpbots are to porc, but they have a unit that counter that weakness, spam that unit and your opponent will be caught off guard and go down easy if they are playing to the meta.

I really don't like when the game runs long so I compiled a list of known rushes.

Rovers: Fencers; Scorcher, Ravager

Jumpbots: Jack, Pyro

Shieldbots: Rogue, Snitch; Bandit, Thug

Gunship: Blastwing; Gnat, Locust

Hovercraft: Dagger; Mace, Scalpel

Spiders: Flea

Heavy Tanks: Ogre

Cloakbot: Glaive, Imp; Scythe; Reaver, Glaive