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Zero-k runs quite well on a 4k screen, but there are a few quirks.

Tips for running Zero-k on a 4k screen[edit]

Windows 10 Tips[edit]

  • Disable all scaling done by windows.
    1. Run zerok.
    2. Alt-Tab out of the game.
    3. Open control panel(crtl-shift-esc).
    4. Right click on spring.exe. Click properties in the menu.
    5. In the menu that opens, go to the compatibility tab at the top. Click "Change High DPI settings".
    6. Check the override check box at the bottom. Select "application" from the drop-down.
      • Zerok does not have scaling, so telling windows to let zerok scale turns it off effectively.
  • In-game display
    1. Go to lobby setting -> graphics.
    2. Select in game mode as custom full screen. Set resolution to 1080x1920. Zero-k looks fine in 1080 in my opinion and it is not worth the 80% fps drop to go 4k.
  • Lobby display
    1. Lobby -> settings -> graphics
    2. Menu Mode -> Windowed
      • I prefer this because of easy multitasking. You can do other things on computer while waiting for a game. There is also less windows10 weirdness switching from fullscreen 1080p to a window.
    3. Go to Settings -> lobby
    4. Set scale factor to 200%-220%. This will make everything bigger so that you can actually read things without a magnifying glass.