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Key combo is an easy to use template for whenever a key combination needs to be specified in an article. Like {{key press}}, it makes it easier to see that keyboard is involved. The difference is that this template should be used whenever there needs to be more than one key pressed at the same time. Several display styles are available, but the default should be used in most cases for consistency throughout the wiki. This way, changing the default in the template will change the style everywhere.


Desired result What you type in your article
Ctrl + Alt + Delete {{Key combo|Ctrl|Alt|Delete}}
Ctrl - Alt - Delete {{Key combo|Ctrl|Alt|Delete|style=dashloose}}
Ctrl+Alt+Delete {{Key combo|Ctrl|Alt|Delete|style=tight}}
Ctrl-Alt-Delete {{Key combo|Ctrl|Alt|Delete|style=dash}}
Ctrl Alt Delete {{Key combo|Ctrl|Alt|Delete|style=}}