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First Section

This is my whiteboard page, for testing edits, etc.

For Lua widgets:


(1)Ingame Settings / Misc / Local Widget Config / "Enable Local Widgets".

(2)Ingame Settings / Audio / Disable "Use Included Tracks".

(3)Exit the game and lobby.

Then extract the entire archive to Zero-K directory.

Catagory of music is controlled by the folder the .ogg is placed in. playlist.lua is unconfigured.

Main menu music is currently un

Ingame Menu

Note: to see all menu settings available, uncheck the "Simple Settings" box at the bottom of the dialog box.


This section allows for modifying various game behaviors.



Use Selection Filtering: enable or disable Selection Rank. If disabled, the relevant button will not appear on the unit control panel.

Only Filter When ALT is Held: If enabled, Selection Rank will only affect unit selection when ALT is held down.

Two Sliders are available to modify how selection rank rules can be overridden.

The remaining options will change the visual indicator around units which have been selected.

Retreat Zones

Retreat Overrides Selection Rank: In conjunction with the slider, this will generally make retreating units un-selectable when mixed with groups of still-fighting units.

Retreat Deselects: With a group of units selected, those that begin retreating will automatically be removed from the selection.

Only Show My Zones: if unchecked, will show ally's retreat zones as well. May be bound to a hotkey.

Cancel Retreat: may be bound to a hotkey, to prevent the selected units from retreating.

Mouse Cursor

Cursor size can be changed, and the cursor can be unlocked from the window, if the game is in windowed mode.

Gesture Menu

If enabled, a key can be bound to bring up a branching radial build menu for construction units.


Map Drawing and Messaging: hotkeys to control drawing on the map, and zooming to the last few messages displayed.

Map Overlays: hotkeys to turn on/off overlays for terrain contours, unit pathing restrictions, and highlighted metal resources. Can also set a hotkey to enable/disable "fog of war" line-of-sight shading. The checkbox below this will determine if line of sight is on when starting a game.

Radar Color: Allows for changing the default colors showing radar and jammer coverage on the lign-of-sight display. By default, this is the faint colored boundaries outside of your current line of sight, indicating where where you currently have radar coverage. Various useful presets may also be selected.

Metal Spots: options to choose whether metal extractor spots (default hotkey of F4) show their rate of extraction as a number or graphic, as well as how large to display the metal info.

Auto Toggle Overlay: the checkboxes will enable automatic overlays for related activities. The overlay will automatically disable when not being used. These options can be hotkeyed.

Team Colors


Hovering Icons

Build ETA

Unit Marker

Control Groups

Defense and Cloak Ranges


Building Placement

Command Visibility

Economy Overlay

Falling Units


Unit Behavior

Reset Settings




HUD Panels

HUD Presets





This section contains information on unit stats, and various basic game concepts. Unit stats can also be seen when playing the game, by holding SPACE and clicking on a unit.

Save / Load Game

Vote Resign / Resign

When all hope is lost, your team must agree to give up. One player will select "Vote Resign", and other players may select "Resign" to confirm they surrender. All of a resigning team's units are destroyed.


Exit to Lobby

Selection priority

Selection priority determines which units are selected when dragging a selection box around units with different priorities. Only the units with the highest priority are selected. This is hat keeps buildings from being selected with mobile units, and keeps construction units from being selected with combat units.

By default, buildings have priority 1, constructors have priority 2, and All other units have priority 3. Priority can be changed for selected units, or it may be changed globally in the options menu.


Lobby Tabs


This tab shows a news feed for the game, recent posts on the Zero-K forum, and a list of the current top 10 players.

The "Discord" button will open a link to the official Zero-K discord server in your browser. On Discord there are several channels related to game support and streaming, as well as development of the game.

The "Forum" button will open the Zero-K Forums in your browser.

The "Manual" button opens this Wiki.

The "Zero-K" button will open the [ Zero-K website[.


Lobby chat is mirrored on the Zero-K Discord server, and chat in the #zk channel on Discord is likewise displayed in the game's lobby chat.

Clicking on the list of players will allow you to view their user page, or send them messages, etc.

On the user page, at the bottom of the page you can view current rating statistics for a chosen player.

Viewing your own user page will allow you to browse a list of Clans which you may opt to join.

Inviting a player to a party will allow you to queue for team matches together. Players you have invited will have a small icon next to their name until they accept the invite. When other players accept, it will create a new chat channel in the lobby.

There are a limited number of voice channels in Discord that may be used for team communication. When not using them, be sure to disconnect from the voice channel using the small handset icon.


Displays a list of your current friends in-game.


These options affect the Zero-K lobby. Most gameplay options are accessed while in-game, using the In-Game Menu.


Settings for the game lobby itself, and some settings related to match setup.


Settings for the in-game graphics.


Settings for basics of the in-game interface. The game interface scale will change the size of the UI elements while in a game.

Invert zoom will reverse the zoom functionality of the scrollwheel.

Text-to-Speech will read out all in-game chat messages using a high-tech voice synthesizer.


The steam client should come with a number of maps. Additional maps and other assets will be downloaded as needed in the match lobby.

Game Tabs

Singleplayer & Coop


The campaign provides a series of set-piece challenges, structured as a branching set of missions. Pay attention to the hints given in the mission briefing, as they are often critical to completing the scenario.

In the Steam client, the campaign may be played cooperatively with another player.

Progression in the campaign is separate from player rankings.

In the campaign, your commander will gain experience and level up when missions and optional objectives are completed. The Commander leveling up works similarly to how upgrades work in skirmishes and multiplayer games, except here the Commander can't be upgraded but instead begins the mission at the level you have unlocked. Unlocked components may be swapped out at will for use in a given mission.

All units and structures unlocked from completing missions can be used in future missions. You can attempt a difficult challenge once you have acquired access to more units.


This will let you set up a single player match against the AI, similar to a multiplayer battle. You can set up a quick battle with the options given, or click on the "Advanced" button to configure the game in more detail.

Playing skirmish matches does not affect you player rankings.


Most multiplayer matches affect your game rating, though there is an option in the match setup to prevent a match from affecting rating. As more games are played, your player rank will increase. See the FAQ.


See Matchmaking

Battle List

This is a list of current player-started matches.



This is a persistent campaign which runs periodically. See the Manual for details.


The game client automatically saves a replay for all games you participate in. This includes campaign missions, skirmishes, and multiplayer matches.

While viewing a replay, there is a small interface bar in-game to adjust the game replay speed.

Replays can be viewed from any player's / teams point of view.


  • Links: Useful links to game information and streamers.
  • Tutorials: A short sequence of missions to demonstrate game concepts.
  • Report a Bug: Bug report form.

Match Lobby

Game host settings

Join as spectator - only before game starts?

Zero-k Ingame

Game Settings

Overdrivesharingscheme option setting

Sharing Resources and Units

Excess metal/energy is automatically shared with team-mates (when?)

H menu to share (units? resources?) one-time

Click and drag to share metal

Chat commands




Commands can have their behaviour modified using ALT and CTRL, and can be combined with SHIFT and SPACE to queue commands.

Note: most units will fire on enemies while moving, and will move and fire when stopped according to their chosen fire/move/AI state. Using attack move will cause units to use tAI when moving, instead of moving directly to a destination with normal move.

Command Click+drag behaviour Drag behaviour +CTRL +ALT +CTRL+ALT
Move units to a point. Move units into a line. Move, maintaining current formation. When dragging, move along a line. When dragging, move along a line in formation.
Attack move(A)
Move to a point, using unit AI while moving. Same as move, using AI. Same as move, using AI. Same as move, using AI. Same as move, using AI.
Move back and forth between current position and a point, using unit AI while moving. Same as move, using AI. Same as move, using AI. Same as move, using AI. Same as move, using AI.
Fire at a point Fire at all targets in an area, in a queue. When dragging, fire at all targets in an area, splitting fire. When dragging, fire along a line.
Set Target(T)
Target a unit or point, without moving. Fire at target if in range. Fire normally if out of range. Target the nearest enemy in the circle. Target all enemies in the circle, splitting targets. Target the ground along a line, firing if in range.
Protect, repair, and assist a unit. On unit: guard in circle formation.

On ground: guard all units in the circle.

For circle formation: guard in a specific direction. For circle formation: guard in a direction relative to unit facing. For circle formation: do not match guarding unit speeds/positions.
Repair a live unit; Assist construction. Area command. Applies the click command to valid targets in the area, as long as there are any. Only repair live units, do not assist construction. For area only. Persist the area even when no valid targets inside (continue if any new show up).
Build a mex at given spot Queue mexes across the area. Surround each mex in the area with 4 solars. Works on already-built mexes.
Reclaim target (unit or feature). Reclaim features across the area. Area only. If centered on a live unit, reclaim all units of this type in the area. Else, ignore metal-less features, such as trees. There is a menu option to do this by default, in which case trees can be reclaimed either with CTRL or by centering the area on a tree. Area only. Persist the command even when no features are in the area.
Resurrect target wreck Area version. Resurrect wrecks in given area as long as there are any; ignore ones that are partially reclaimed. Area only. Resurrect even partially reclaimed wrecks (but still not those actively being reclaimed - this requires single target command). Area only. Persist the command even when no resurrectables are in the area.

Factory Production Commands

Factories can make use of unit commands to make produced units take specific actions when leaving the factory. For example, units can be set to move to a point or patrol as soon as they are produced.

Unit commands given to factories can also be queued and modified, as above.

Factories produce units in a queue. When clicking on units, they are normally added to the end of a queue. Factories can have their Repeat state set to automatically add produced units to the end of the queue. This will cause the factory to produce the same queue endlessly.

Factory production order modifiers

Left-clicking (or using the unit's hotkey) will add 1 unit to the queue, and right-clicking will remove 1 unit.

Hold SHIFT to add/remove 5 units to the queue.

Hold CTRL to add/remove 20 units to the queue.

Hold SHIFT+CTRL to add/remove 100 units to the queue.

Hold ALT to place the selected unit next in the queue. Alt-clicking on a unit already in the queue will force it to be produced now. This will waste any metal/energy used on whatever was being produced prior to the click.

If the factory is in infinite production mode, ALT will place the units next in the queue, and will not re-add them to the end of the queue.

Building Construction Commands

SHIFT and SPACE work as normal for queuing structures.

Building construction modifiers

Hold SHIFT while dragging the mouse to place a line of structures.

Hold SHIFT+CTRL to drag a line of structures in the 4 cardinal directions. If holding the mouse over a building, it will surround that building with the selected structure.

Hold SHIFT+ALT to drag a box of structures.

Hold SHIFT+CTRL+ALT to drag a hollow box of structures.

When placing groups of structures, Z and X will increase and decrease the spacing between individual structures.

When placing factories (or other structures), their orientation can be rotated by cliking and dragging, or with [ and ].

Holding Q while placing structures will only place the framework, which will let the structure be completed later.

Holding ALT while placing a metal extractor will place 4 solars around it. This protects the mex and provides Overdrive.

Holding ALT (and using the scrollwheel to adjust building height) will place the structure on a small terraformed area. Pressing B will toggle terraformed placement. The height can also be adjusted with C and V. Additionally, hold the left mouse button down for a second hen placing the structure. This will bring up a building placement tooltip and allow height adjustment by moving the mouse.

New Test Section

Overdrive is a way to generate more metal from metal extractors using energy. It uses a grid mechanic that is also required by some powerful defense structures to function.


  • Circles around metal extractors and energy sources are "overdrive grid"
  • Circles have to touch to join into grid

More metal can be obtained by overdriving your metal extractors with Energy

The current amount of stored energy affects how much is used on overdrive. With an empty energy bar, none can be used on overdrive. As the energy bar becomes more full, overdrive will increase, until 100% of possible overdrive with a full energy bar.

(eg. Cerberus, Desolator, Lucifer)