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Dynasty of Man
Planets: 27
Commanders: 12
Combat skill:1368

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 18
Commanders: 22
Combat skill:1316

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 16
Commanders: 22
Combat skill:1326

Victory points:
0 / 100

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Zero-K clans
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Name Shortcut Commanders Level Elo
Imperial Fists d2281500 Join now!
!NK!DOOM NK3231540 Join now! password
[TNF] TNF9211429 Join now!
1uP 1uP7501583 Join now! password
3Server.de Hosting 3Serv251500 Join now!
666th Devil Dogs 666DD781519 Join now! password
a dream come true adream3801499 Join now!
Agents Of Freedom AOF15271405 Join now!
Alliance ACP15261464 Join now!
Anarchy Wolves AW17171462 Join now!
Applied Special Tactics AST3411647 Join now! password
AwC AwC4521529 Join now!
Awesomeness Aweseo6301503 Join now! password
b00nl1k3 00133331601 Join now! password
Baisuliai BS4201471 Join now!
Banana republic Banan6521573 Join now! password
BARLOU BARLOU171585 Join now!
batata batata241488 Join now! password
Belgian Pro Clan Team BELPCT6201487 Join now!
Better than yours BEST171497 Join now! password
Boob O4181460 Join now!
Brainless or Heroes BoH2461568 Join now! password
Break the Meta BTM2231414 Join now!
Brit and co. BRITCO481482 Join now! password
Brotatoes BROs2591797 Join now! password
cammaRus CAM101500 Join now! password
ClanWar-Freelancers and mumble CWF3421542 Join now!
Clown Drill! CDRILL3241529 Join now! password
Cogwheel Conglomerate CogCon1141563 Join now!
Colonization and Mining Guild CMG1011496 Join now! password
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