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Planets: 16
Commanders: 22
Combat skill:1325
"Freedom and equality"

Liberal pluralism. Chaotic, disorganized, loose and free.

Federation is a weak alliance of liberal cultures, planets and small interstellar empires. It's origins can be traced to the times of Humanity Rising's fight for freedom against machines.
Now, this extremely tolerant and generally peaceful entity, gives rights and freedom back to lesser aliens and even conscious machines its ancestors once defeated.


Metal: 7097
Dropships: 0
Bombers: 0
Warp cores:0
Energy produced:+3450
Energy demand:-100
Metal from energy excess:+167
Metal from planets:+16
Infrastructure: 9750

Faction roles

Premier CZrankAdminLicho
Secretary of Defense NOrankKingstad
Home Secretary PLrankRafalpluk
Foreign Secretary NLrankBlackdutchie
General unknownrank[I]burp, RUrankYurGa
Lieutenant USrankAdminJasper, PTrankraaar, CHrankFlipstip, RUrankFirepluk, USrankCaptNutbar


TR9 between Dynasty and Federation
Time Event
32 hours ago USrankMrDingus joins Federation
32 hours ago CArankvfye joins Federation
35 hours ago LTrankGreenPixel joins Federation
2 days ago CArankStarwarsdudes joins Federation
2 days ago USrankSolidStateBrain joins Federation
3 days ago MDrankvkunitki joins Federation
5 days ago GBrankadamathefrog joins Federation
5 days ago CArankDustedHam joins Federation
5 days ago CArankPartyMix joins Federation
5 days ago USrankdannyy3566 joins Federation
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