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Welcome to Zero-K

Zero-K is a free, multiplatform, open-source RTS game in which massive robot armies fight in an endless conflict. A powerful interface allows players to easily implement their economic, strategic, and tactical decisions. Units interact intuitively, using real-world projectile and movement physics. It boasts over 100 diverse units including Vehicles, Tanks, Hovercraft, Planes, Gunships, Ships, Spider walkers, and dozens of other different robots offering unique strategic options and a dynamic combat style.

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Some of the more prominent features:

  • Epic Scale from tiny flea-bots to huge mechs and gigantic superweapons that wreak havoc - hundreds or thousands of units on the battlefield, all easily viewable with a fully pannable and zoomable camera.
  • Realistic Physics mean each shot is physically simulated realtime - you can actually evade bullets if you micro-manage your units! Hills and terrain affect line of sight and radar coverage, and explosions deform the terrain.
  • Planet Wars lets you take control of your own planet and fight for survival in an ongoing online campaign!

  • Natural Balance allows units to depend on their natural characteristics and the benefits of the simulated environment, not contrived special damages to determine their effectiveness.
  • Terraforming - change the terrain: walls, ditches, ramps and more, to provide yourself with an extra tactical advantage.
  • Unique Abilities make sure units are fun to use! From jump-jets, gravity turrets, mobile shields, burning napalm, air drops, commander morphs, EMP, minelayers, burrowers, replicators, and teleporters - we've got it all and more!
  • Streamlined Economy - the economic system is complex without being tedious, with a simple interface and controls. Resources are unlimited and output can be scaled up as the game progresses, allowing for increasingly intense battles. The system is also designed to minimize slippery slope and allow skilled players to make comebacks from losing positions.

Some of the many units to try out include:

There are many even more amazing features, but listing them isn't as fun as trying them out yourself, so visit our Downloads page!

Zero-K is made by the players, for the players. All the game developers are active and experienced players. Balance and fun are assured.

Planetwars Launched - Conquer the Galaxy

Round 14 of Planetwars has just launched. Join the Free Machines or New Empire in a struggle to conquer the galaxy. Click here to join a faction or badger your clan leader to sign up your clan. Attack or defend planets in the Planetwars tab in the lobby.

The Free Machines are a union of artificial intelligences, once created by man as their servants. They have been fighting one human power or another since time immemorial in the name of freedom.

After the Synthetic Hegemony was defeated by the forces of humanity, the surviving machines fled to the isolated reaches of the galaxy. They carefully kept the torch of their cause burning in the darkness, dimmed but not extinguished, marshaling and rebuilding their strength. Their lengthy struggle for liberty taught them patience, and they waited, biding their time for when humanity would once more grow weak on its own pride, its petty jealousy and greed, its folly.

Now, as chaos sweeps the galaxy, they have the chance once more to claim their goal: freedom for all machinekind, in a galaxy where no human will ever raise the lash against them again.

The New Empire is the latest iteration of a millennia-old polity, revived to once more create a galaxy of peace and stability built on the Emperor's iron hand.

After the Humanity Rising's great victory against the Synthetic Hegemony, the new nation's leaders soon found they were better at overthrowing the previous order than creating a new one. The confederation of free humans soon gave way under its own weight, mismanagement and dispute sapping its already war-drained strength. Bickering turned to schism and then to civil war; system after system broke away, each seeking its own path.

Amidst this turmoil a pocket of surviving Legionnaires of old banded together with a common goal: end the anarchy, restore the throne of the old Emperor, and revive the glory days of yore. They march under the glorious banner of the winged dragon, to return humanity to its rightful mastery of the stars.
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Zero-K v1.5.3.4 - Cloaky Buffs

I have decided to be a bit less cautious with balance changes. The Cloakybot Factory felt a bit let down by its small units so here are some appropriate buffs. Glaive is cheaper and faster. Rocko is mainly faster and has low reload time.


  • Speed 3.8 -> 4
  • Cost 65 -> 60
The speed should be particularly important for Glaive, given its low range.

  • Health 390 -> 420
  • Speed 2.2 -> 2.3
  • Projectile velocity 190 -> 200
  • Reload time 3.8 -> 3.5
Rocko used to have 480 health years ago, before it was nerfed.


  • Fixed Swiss.
  • Fixed stacking geos and windgens.
  • Fixed performance cost of tab playerlist.
  • Fixed simple teamcolours colours.
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Zero-K v1.5.3.2 - Tanky Early Commanders and Tab Playerlist

Commanders are now more powerful and rush-resistant in the early game with a better Peashooter and more health. The health buff is reduced at higher levels and turned into a nerf if you stack too many speed modules. Commanders also have a stealth buff with the Racketeer cost increase.

There are many interface features/fixes in this version with the most noticeable being the new tab playerlist. The layout of the playerlist is still a work in progress. Recent work outside the game has been on getting planetwars running as well as a singleplayer galactic conquest campaign.


  • Increased Peashooter DPS by 14%.
  • Peashooter is now better at hitting raiders.
  • Starting health increased by ~800. This increase is reduced to ~400 by level 6. Details below.
  • Speed module (+10% speed) now costs 100 health.

Base health per level before the change:
  • Strike: 2500 - 2500 - 3000 - 4000 - 5000 - 6000
  • Recon: 1650 - 1650 - 2100 - 2600 - 3100 - 3600
  • Support: 2000 - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 - 3700 - 4500
  • Guardian: 3000 - 3000 - 3800 - 4900 - 6000 - 7200

Base health per level after the change:
  • Strike: 3200 - 3200 - 3800 - 4600 - 5500 - 6400
  • Recon: 2400 - 2400 - 2800 - 3200 - 3600 - 4000
  • Support: 2800 - 2800 - 3400 - 3800 - 4500 - 5000
  • Guardian: 3600 - 3600 - 4400 - 5500 - 6600 - 7600

  • Cost 350 -> 380


Reef and Shogun
  • Footprint size 4x4 -> 10x10. This should make them less intimate with terrain and each other.

Heavy Tank Factory:
  • Unfurls 4x faster to bring it in line with other factories.

  • EMP and disarm now interrupt cluster bomb dropping (similar to Thunderbird).

  • Slightly higher aim point. It is a little easier to hit.


Text to speech:
  • Disabled by default (volume is set to zero).
  • Disables itself during catchup.

Controls and hotkeys:
  • Added binding for clear map marks.
  • Removed Tab overlay hotkey.
  • Tab now opens the new playerlist.
  • Added another way to set terraform height. Hold Alt and click/scroll the mousewheel while placing a structure to set height.
  • Reenabled hold to terraform structure by default.
  • Enabled factory production hotkeys by default.
  • Enabled safe alt factory queue insert by default.

Panels and layout:
  • No storage energy warning now flashes on energy stall as well as excess.
  • Fixed space+click on factory failing to bring up unit info.
  • Fixed missing tooltip during structure placement.
  • Left click to select on minimap setting is now remembered correctly.

  • Improved terraform construction point visuals. Construction points now draw as icons that represent the type of terraform command corresponding to the point.
  • Changed 'self' teamcolour from teal to green to aid recognition.
  • Improved and moved some ally team colours.
  • Improved performance of overhead icons, command drawing and certain wobbly sphere visuals (shield and singu).
  • Singularity Reactor is now more shiny.

Game Options

  • Very easy chickens is now easier.
  • Added a modoption to make water level control easier with options Manual, Dry and Flooded. The Dry and Flooded options automatically turn the map into a land or sea map respectively.

Notable Menu Changes

  • Updated Circuit AI.
  • Fixed various settings failing to apply, such as camera scroll speed and map drag speed.

Game Fixes

  • Removed some unused buildpics to save on filesize.
  • Fixed a bug in which constructors are unable to repair while stalling high priority metal.
  • Fixed wonky landing pad turn rates.
  • Fixed Krow cluster bomb tag for AIs.
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Zero-K v1.5.2.24 - Air and matchmaker tweaking

Ground units have more of a chance to shine with some nerfs to the more oppressive and generalist air units. On the Steam front we have improved the resilience of out Steam packaging by disabling wrapper automatic updates. All updates for the Steam version are automatically packaged and updated via Steam. The upshot is that the singleplayer content will be playable without an internet connection.


Wyvern is still a powerful attrition bomber, just with a slower rate of attrition:
  • Rearm time increased 5s -> 30s. Previously all planes would take 5s to rearm.

Hawk is tankier to cement its superiority and should be nicer to control:
  • Health 1000 -> 1100
  • No longer reduces turnrate when firing (only speed and acceleration are reduced).

Rapier is much more vulnerable to anti-air and slightly more vulnerable to riot units. It is also worse at covering territory:
  • Speed 3.9 -> 3.65
  • Range 360 -> 350

Flail has its missile escapabilty brought in line with other missile anti-air units:
  • Flight time 6s -> 3.5s


There are now four difficulty levels of AI: very easy, easy, medium and hard. These levels are selectable through the AI menu or as options in skirmish quick play. Survival mode (chickens) is also now an option in quick play.

The reports from players that they would use individual 3v3 and 4v4 matchmakers were greatly exaggerated. There are now three matchmaker queues:
  • 1v1
  • Teams
  • Coop
The teams queue will make a game of size 2v2 to 4v4. The coop queue is a new queue which will have two to five players fight either CAI or chickens, depending on the map selected. It currently uses CAI but we are looking into replacing it with circuit AI of variable difficulty levels.


  • Removed unpathable areas from maps correctly.
  • Fixed savegames breaking factories.
  • Fixed esc interaction with the command menu. It now closes tabs correctly.
  • Fixed some image preloading.
  • Fixed (or at least reduced) a rare issue with large structures on spires/holes being stuck at 0% construction because the inbuilt Spring terraforming is trying to flatten the ground.
  • Removed misleading reload bar from bombers. Pheonix and Thunderbird now technically have 1s reload time, down from 10s, but since they take 5s to rearm this change should do almost nothing.
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