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Welcome to Zero-K

Zero-K is a free, multiplatform, open-source RTS game in which massive robot armies fight in an endless conflict. A powerful interface allows players to easily implement their economic, strategic, and tactical decisions. Units interact intuitively, using real-world projectile and movement physics. It boasts over 100 diverse units including Vehicles, Tanks, Hovercraft, Planes, Gunships, Ships, Spider walkers, and dozens of other different robots offering unique strategic options and a dynamic combat style.

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Some of the more prominent features:

  • Epic Scale from tiny flea-bots to huge mechs and gigantic superweapons that wreak havoc - hundreds or thousands of units on the battlefield, all easily viewable with a fully pannable and zoomable camera.
  • Realistic Physics mean each shot is physically simulated realtime - you can actually evade bullets if you micro-manage your units! Hills and terrain affect line of sight and radar coverage, and explosions deform the terrain.
  • Planet Wars lets you take control of your own planet and fight for survival in an ongoing online campaign!

  • Natural Balance allows units to depend on their natural characteristics and the benefits of the simulated environment, not contrived special damages to determine their effectiveness.
  • Terraforming - change the terrain: walls, ditches, ramps and more, to provide yourself with an extra tactical advantage.
  • Unique Abilities make sure units are fun to use! From jump-jets, gravity turrets, mobile shields, burning napalm, air drops, commander morphs, EMP, minelayers, burrowers, replicators, and teleporters - we've got it all and more!
  • Streamlined Economy - the economic system is complex without being tedious, with a simple interface and controls. Resources are unlimited and output can be scaled up as the game progresses, allowing for increasingly intense battles. The system is also designed to minimize slippery slope and allow skilled players to make comebacks from losing positions.

There are many even more amazing features, but listing them isn't as fun as trying them out yourself, so visit our Downloads page!

Zero-K is made by the players, for the players. All the game developers are active and experienced players. Balance and fun are assured.

Zero-K v1.6.1.6 - Amphbots and Lobsters

This release is primarily a balance patch with some much-needed love for Amphbots. They have finally received an "artillery" unit and, as is tradition among the Bot factories, it has new and unusual mechanics. This artillery, the Lobster, throws allies (and enemies) at its problems and should have many creative uses. Limpet and Archer have also received buffs and there are nerfs for Siren, Racketeer and Blastwing.


Added Amphibious 'artillery', the Lobster.
  • Uses nearby units as ammo, launching them at its target.
  • 340 cost.

Removed the water tank mechanic from Archer. Now it constantly fires at full capacity.

Slow waves no longer deal damage to ally units in order to buff Limpet and for consistency with Outlaw. This affects Limpet, Commander Slowbomb and Disco Rave Party.

  • Health 950 -> 780
  • Reload 6s -> 7s
  • Timer 8s -> 9s

Siren main gun reload time 2s -> 3s.

Gunships now ram and climb cliffs instead of teleporting to the top.


  • Made overdrive not spend all excess energy unless every player has full storage. Hold back some energy from overdrive to be given to players who have less energy income and energy in storage than their teams average spare energy.
  • FFA maps now default to shuffle even when played with 2 teams.


  • The default Ctrl+Z hotkey no longer ignores builders. Settings for current players are unaffected.
  • Allies now have more vivid and distinct teamcolours in small teams.
  • Energy economy breakdown now shows overall overdrive efficiency.
  • Added a large cursors option, mostly for an issue with 4k screens.
  • Structure terraform up/down mouse hold very slightly more lenient with regard to movement.
  • Added Artemis to Unit Marker.
  • Made all units easier to select, particularly factories.
  • Rearranged the ingame menu. Most importantly, moved Hotkeys and Unit Behaviour to root. Fleshed out the simple settings menu.
  • Commander shock rifle now shows directional particles (same as Phantom sniper).


  • Fixed Crab attack jittering issues (#2693).
  • Fixed icon distance settings being overridden to the default (#2715).
  • Fixed a rare resource bar crash at game start (#2692, #2252).
  • Fixed Gesture menu hold threshold being 0.5s if you set it to 1.0s (#2679).
  • Fixed startbox editor crash (#2694).
  • Fixed Gesture menu preventing minimap clicks (#2677).
  • Fixed extraneous lobby button when there is no lobby (#2127).
  • Fixed the language list being spammed with untranslated languages (#2614).
  • Fixed Quake enabling buildings to be stacked in the same spot (#2650).
  • Fixed Libyan flag being the old green one.
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Campaign Week 12 - Superweapons

This is the last week of mission releases, bringing us to a total of 71. We've saved the biggest for last with missions for Paladin, Detriment and the three superweapons. A big thankyou to everyone who has posted feedback so far. Keep the feedback coming as we will continue working on tweaks and fixes.

As always, post feedback here: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/24642
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New Ranks and Bugfixes

The profile page has been redesigned with a focus on removing unneeded text in favor of more intuitive graphical elements. The pages are now styled depending on your in-game rank, following the existing theme of black-body radiation. Instead of relying on fixed rating thresholds, ranks are now defined via percentiles. Ranks can only be gained or lost after holding one's position in the new percentile for multiple games.

Here's a list of the new ranks:
Icon Color Theme Percentile
Gamma ray Singularity Top 1%
X ray Neutron star Top 5%
Blue white Supergiant Top 10%
Bright yellow Giant Top 20%
Orange Subgiant Top 40%
Red Red dwarf Top 60%
Dark red Brown dwarf Top 80%
Infrared Nebula Everyone

These new ranks will be subject to changes as we refine the system. Any feedback is appreciated!

Various fixes

  • Reduce rating inflation directly after a server restart
  • Fix a bug that would lead to the server running out of space
  • Map size is now shown in elmos
  • Fix a bug that would prevent logging in
  • Prevent the game from looking for steam after quitting
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Campaign Week 11 and 2v2 Tournament

We are in the second last week of campaign missions. Almost all units have missions at by this point with the missions for this week for striders and heavy turrets. Remember to post feedback: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/24614

The first tournament of the year will be a 2v2 tournament held this weekend. The time of day has been changed since the last tournament in order to be friendlier to players from the Americas. Sign up here: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/24613
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