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Commander wanted!

Drive giant robots, build an army of a thousand Fleas, move mountains if needed, bury the enemy at all cost!

  • Real time strategy.
  • Physically simulated units and projectiles.
  • Terrain manipulation.
  • 100+ varied units with unique abilities.
  • Singleplayer campaign.
  • Challenging, non-cheating AI.
  • Multiplayer 1v1 - 16v16, FFA, coop.
  • Multiplayer online campaign.
  • Really free, no in-game currency, no unfair multiplayer.

Fully Utilized Physics

Simulated unit and projectile physics is used to a level rarely found in a strategy game.

  • Use small nimble units to dodge slow moving projectiles.
  • Hide behind hills that block weapon fire, line of sight and radar.
  • Toss units across the map with gravity guns.
  • Transport a battleship to a hilltop - for greater views and gun range.

Manipulate the Terrain

The terrain itself is an ever-changing part of the battlefield.

  • Wreck the battlefield with craters that bog down enemy tanks.
  • Dig canals to bring your navy inland for a submarine-in-a-desert strike.
  • Build ramps, bridges, entire fortress if you wish.
  • Burn your portrait into continental crust using the planetary energy chisel.

Singleplayer Campaign and Challenging AI

Enjoy many hours of single player and coop fun with our campaign, wide selection of non-cheating AIs and a survival mode against an alien horde.

  • Explore the galaxy and discover technologies in our singleplayer campaign.
  • Face a challenging AI that is neither brain-dead nor a clairvoyant cheater.
  • Have some coop fun with friends, surviving waves of chicken-monsters.
  • Cloaking? Resurrection? Tough choices customizing your commander.

Casual and Competitive Multiplayer

Zero-K was built for multiplayer from the start, this is where you can end up being hooked for a decade.

  • Enjoying epic scale combat? Join our 16v16 team battles!
  • Looking for a common goal? Fight AIs or waves of chicken-monsters.
  • Prefer dancing on a razor's edge? Play 1v1 in ladder and tournaments.
  • Comebacks, betrayals, emotions always running high in FFA.
  • Want to fight for a bigger cause? Form a clan and join PlanetWars, competitive online campaign with web-game strategic elements, diplomacy and backstabbing.

Power to the People

We are RTS players at heart, we work for nobody. We gave ourselves the tools we always wanted to have in a game.

  • Do what you want. No limits to camera, queue or level of control.
  • Paint a shape, any shape, and units will move to assume your formation.
  • Want to spend more time on tactics? Use construction priorities.
  • Want to focus on economy? Order units to kite, strafe or zig zag bullets.

Plenty of Stuff to Explode Explore

Zero-K is a long term project and it shows, millions hours of proper multiplayer testing and dozens of people contributing ever expanding content.

  • Learn to use all of our 100+ units and play on hundreds of maps.
  • Invent the next mad team-tactics to shock enemies and make allies laugh.
  • Combine cloaking, teleports, shields, jumpjets, EMP, napalm, gravity guns, black hole launchers, mind control and self-replication.
  • Tiny flea swarm that clings to walls?
    Jumping "cans" with steam-spike?
    Buoys that hide under water to ambush ships?
    Mechs that spew fire and enjoy being tossed from air transports?
    Carrier with cute helicopters?
    Jumping Jugglenaut with dual wielding gravity guns?
    Meet them in Zero-K!

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Zero-K v1.6.5.6 - Balance and map updates

Here are some balance changes a result your feedback and our matchup data. Tanks and Thunderbird have received nerfs while the Rover and Spider riots have small buffs. We have also rotated out four maps from the matchmaker.


  • Otago 1.1
  • Shimmershore v1.0
  • Zed 2.3
  • Obsidian_1.5
  • Desert Needle Small 3.2
  • Vittra v2.1
  • Barren 2
  • Hide_and_Seek_v03


Blitz has less damage to nerf it against Glaive and a little less range to nerf it against everything.
  • Damage 200 -> 180
  • Range 260 -> 245
Ripper should generally be better against raiders.
  • Range 290 -> 300
  • Reload 1.7 -> 1.633
Widow has a bit more range to help it reach tall turrets on cliffs.
  • Range 100 -> 120
Thunderbird hits targets in a thinner line but should do approximately the same amount of single target damage.
  • AoE 192 -> 160
  • Spray angle reduced by 1/6th
  • Damage (per bolt) 675 -> 650
Redback and Scorpion particle beams have a bit more burst. This is a 5% increase to DPS.
  • Damage 60 -> 70
  • Reload 0.3 -> 0.333


  • Added a jumpjet loadscreen by thetryhardrabbit
  • Added a sonic gun sound by Apelsinsaft


  • Fixed Chainsaw firing issue.
  • Fixed some unit shader issues on poor graphics cards.
  • Fixed set target command in rectangle mode.
Posted by AUrankAdminGoogleFrog 9 days ago - comment

Zero-K v1.6.5.5 – Fix update: the return

More fixes for issues that some of us just couldn't leave well enough alone, and other things besides.

  • Added autosave functionality
  • Added option to not automatically unpause the game in singleplayer when closing menu
  • Added a slider to scale healthbar size
  • Pregame building queue anti-spam: now limited to 30 buildings
  • Camera pan speed setting in main menu affects all camera types
  • Prettier loading bar
  • Reorder main menu options to be more easily readable
  • Tweak load game menu
  • Fixed game ending before start if someone quits
  • (Perhaps) fixed main menu blackout bug
  • Fixed Flux Amplifier damage bonuses
  • Misc. fixes
  • Steam updates to lobby menu/client should be much smaller now
Posted by MYrankAdminHistidine 21 days ago - comment

Zero-K v1.6.5.2 – Fixes

The commander regeneration bug prompted an urgent fix. We also managed to get in an improvement to Missile Silo controls, and address various other issues while we were at it.

  • Missile Silo now launches the oldest missile it has (or the next one it builds, if none are ready) when it receives a Force Fire order.

  • Fixed commanders' autorepair scaling with their buildpower.
  • Fixed some issues with save/load (this included such fun things as crawling bombs exploding in their factory).
  • Fixed Swift speed boost's cooldown bar.
  • Fixed metal spot circle thickness and mex animation speed with high metal mults.
  • Fixed commanders displaying the wrong decloak distance.
Posted by MYrankAdminHistidine 27 days ago - comment

1v1 Tournament and Matchmaker Fixes

A standard 8-16 player 1v1 single elimination tournament will be held this Saturday. Sign up in this thread: https://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/25420

In other news, our lingering matchmaker issues have been reproduced, fixed and deployed. The fix of a few days ago was accidentally not deployed due to a database problem. Please report any issues.
Posted by AUrankAdminGoogleFrog 32 days ago - comment

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