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PlanetWars ended, Federation won!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Federation has won the PlanetWars by capturing Dynasty of Man planet Radius!

Top players

Dynasty of Man
Planets: 15
Commanders: 54
Combat skill:1523

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 31
Commanders: 40
Combat skill:1491

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 23
Commanders: 58
Combat skill:1504

Victory points:
0 / 100


Last events

Time Event
18 hours ago RUrankKilerAnt76 joins Federation
21 hours ago ESrankbertovigocoya6666 joins Federation
39 hours ago AUrankJimbob244 joins Empire
2 days ago RUrankECYsh364 leaves faction Empire
3 days ago NLranknr1_rANDY_FAN joins clan PRO
3 days ago AUrankSirbeast joins Empire
4 days ago USrankevilbee joins clan 1TR
5 days ago CLrankThanatozz joins Federation
5 days ago RUrank[SKILL]ZriengioxFactor joins Federation
7 days ago USrank[501st]CallahansPrior leaves faction Empire
7 days ago USrank[501st]CallahansPrior joins Empire
7 days ago CArankAresOneTR joins clan 1TR
7 days ago USrankGeldra joins clan 1TR
8 days ago SErankDamSon joins clan ASKM
8 days ago ESrankPenwin joins clan ASKM
8 days ago USrankGingernator joins clan LOLI
8 days ago USrankLivicry joins clan LOLI
9 days ago SErankzao joins clan ASKM
9 days ago SErankOverdrive joins clan ASKM
9 days ago USrankkoleisfire joins clan ASKM
9 days ago New clan ASKM formed by BErankSaber
9 days ago DErankmike3 leaves clan SH
9 days ago KRrankguddyd1313 joins clan Fists
10 days ago CZrankFoglCz joins Empire
11 days ago BYrankAphynety joins clan Soviet
11 days ago BErankLordDuck joins clan TSL
12 days ago DErankSalatbart joins clan SHILA
12 days ago DErankDrAnalstahl joins clan SHILA
14 days ago Clan P42 moved to faction Federation
14 days ago UArankhedkeaf joins clan P42
14 days ago UArankKarzh joins clan P42
14 days ago DErankAgent007 joins Empire
14 days ago RUrankNeonERT joins clan Fists
15 days ago PLrankkaemist joins Empire
15 days ago PLrankkaemist leaves faction Empire
15 days ago PLrankkaemist joins Empire
15 days ago UArankHanYolo joins clan P42
15 days ago RUrankMAKCNMLU joins Empire
15 days ago unknownrankTux931 leaves faction Federation
16 days ago DErankTheoDiaz joins clan MC
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