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Planet Felix

Desert Needle Small 3.2
Size: 14 x 12
Team size: 3 vs 3
Governor: FRrankOrientar ZM
Capabilities: ship movement , +0.3 (0.3%) influence spread
100 (100%)


DISABLED owned by FRrankOrientar

Rush activation costs 100
Power Generator Unit
Produces energy each turn
Turns to activate:2
  • energy production +50
ACTIVE owned by FRrankOrientar

Wormhole Generator
Links planet to neighbours - spreads influence per turn; hardened against bomber attack
Turns to activate:3
  • allows ship movement to connected planets
  • spreads 0.3 influence to nearby planets each turn
Time Event
21 months ago USrankSteel_Blue has built a Power Generator Unit on Empire planet Felix.
21 months ago Federation attacked Empire Felix in B567811 and lost. Federation gained 0 influence (0% from losing horribly of 35 base +15 from dropships)
21 months ago USrank_Shaman sends 15 Federation dropships to Empire Felix
21 months ago RUrankOrientar has claimed planet Felix for Empire ZM. B567684
21 months ago Empire attacked Felix in B567677 and lost. Empire gained 0 influence (0% from losing horribly of 35 base)
21 months ago All non-evacuated structures have been disabled on planet Felix. B567630
21 months ago Empire attacked Felix in B567630 and won. Empire gained 35 influence (100% from winning flawlessly of 35 base)
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