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Planets: 18
Commanders: 22
Combat skill:1383
"Order, loyalty, dignity"

Absolute monarchy, with the immortal emperor at the head.

The Empire is the latest iteration of a millennia-old polity, seeking to create a galaxy of peace and stability built on the Emperor's iron hand.

Being dominant force in the galaxy, empire grew decadent and complacent and lost many of its holdings.

However the new emperor musters his forces together with a common goal: end the anarchy, restore the throne of the Emperor, and revive the glory days of yore. They march under the glorious banner of the double-headed eagle, to return humanity to its rightful mastery of the stars.


Metal: 192
Dropships: 77
Bombers: 0
Warp cores:10
Energy produced:+2400
Energy demand:-1380
Metal from energy excess:+51
Metal from planets:+18
Infrastructure: 14650

Faction roles

Emperor CHrankAdminDeinFreund
Praetor AUrankAdminGoogleFrog
Censor ITrankOldGhostStalker
Centurion AUrankAquanim
Magistrate AUrankAdminGoogleFrog, AUrankAquanim
Officium AUrankAdminGoogleFrog
Optio AUrankSaktoth, AUrankAdminGoogleFrog, UArankCorvus_Corax, ITrankOldGhostStalker, HRranktomicaST, AUrankAquanim


Time Event
8 hours ago FRrankYukiechan leaves faction Empire
12 hours ago USranknicemonkey joins Empire
12 hours ago Clan TX moved to faction Empire
19 hours ago GBrankBinbomaster3 joins Empire
19 hours ago GBrankducie joins Empire
19 hours ago GBrankJJSnoop joins Empire
3 days ago USrankPlatypus923 joins Empire
6 days ago USrankTh3GameMan joins Empire
6 days ago USrankRollingBox joins Empire
6 days ago USranklegolink52 joins Empire
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