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Planet Vectron

Emain Macha v3
Size: 16 x 16
Team size: 3 vs 3
Governor: Nobody No Clan
Capabilities: ship movement , +0.3% influence spread , +50 , -400


ACTIVE owned by EErankAdminAnarchid
Energy priority: Normal
Power Generator Unit
Produces energy each turn
Turns to activate:2
  • energy production +50
ACTIVE owned by Nobody
Energy priority: Normal
Wormhole Generator
Links planet to neighbours - spreads influence per turn; hardened against bomber attack
Turns to activate:0
  • allows ship movement to connected planets
  • spreads 0.3 influence to nearby planets each turn
POWERING 5 turns left owned by EErankAdminAnarchid
Energy priority: High
Target planet: Sparta
String Connector
Creates a permanent link to another planet; single-use
Turns to activate:6
Time Event
13 days ago EErankAdminAnarchid changed energy priority of String Connector on Vectron to High
13 days ago EErankAdminAnarchid of Dynasty aimed String Connector located at Vectron to Empire planet Sparta
13 days ago EErankAdminAnarchid has built a String Connector on Dynasty planet Vectron.
19 days ago EErankAdminAnarchid has built a Power Generator Unit on Dynasty planet Vectron.
24 days ago ILrankAdminhokomoko has confiscated structure Wormhole Generator on Vectron.
32 days ago Dynasty planet Vectron owned by was abandoned.
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