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Dynasty of Man
Planets: 27
Commanders: 10
Combat skill:1281
"Elan vital"

Controlled by noble houses of genetically enhanced superhumans, tracing history back to old Earth.

As the New Empire dropped its mighty boot on the last pockets of machine resistance in the Fourteenth Planetwars, so did its mask drop, revealing behind it the dynasty of ages past. Operatives in key positions diverted resources from the war effort to rebuild the laboratories, resuming in full the development of a better human race.

Confident in their newfound power, the nobles emerged from hiding determined to continue the path to human superiority, having no mercy for those standing in their way, machine or otherwise.


Metal: 248
Dropships: 28
Bombers: 0
Warp cores:0
Energy produced:+3150
Energy demand:-1760
Metal from energy excess:+0
Metal from planets:+27
Infrastructure: 13700

Faction roles

Grand Duke NOrankAdminAnarchid
Margrave RUrankAdminikinz
Lord Treasurer NOrankAdminAnarchid
Chancellor NOrankAdminAnarchid
Knight NOrankAdminAnarchid
Baron RUrankAdminikinz, PLrankOrfelius, AUrankSnuggleBass
Diplomat NOrankAdminAnarchid
Sergeant AUrankSnuggleBass


TR9 between Dynasty and Federation
Time Event
13 hours ago FRrankn2o joins Dynasty
20 hours ago USrankOflameo joins Dynasty
38 hours ago DErankVfef joins Dynasty
3 days ago ILrankAdminhokomoko leaves faction Dynasty
4 days ago NLrankRudubu83 joins Dynasty
4 days ago ILrankAdminhokomoko leaves faction Dynasty
5 days ago PLrankPipowski joins Dynasty
6 days ago ILrankAdminhokomoko leaves faction Dynasty
9 days ago PLrankPerq joins Dynasty
13 days ago GBrankDroopyTheDog joins Dynasty
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