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Planet Helios

TitanDuel 2.2
Size: 10 x 10
Team size: 2 vs 2
Governor: Nobody No Clan
30.4 (24.7%)


DISABLED owned by Nobody

Rush activation costs 75
Wormhole Generator
Links planet to neighbours - spreads influence per turn; hardened against bomber attack
Turns to activate:3
  • allows ship movement to connected planets
  • spreads 0.3 influence to nearby planets each turn
Time Event
40 hours ago Empire attacked Helios in B496530 and lost. Empire gained 7 influence (20% from losing but killing defender's CC of 35 base)
43 hours ago Empire attacked Helios in B496502 and lost. Empire gained 0 influence (0% from losing horribly of 35 base)
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