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Role Definitions[edit]

All roles appoint anything below them in the tree structure. Rulers are voteable, optionally other roles could be as well. In general a role is held by a unique person if and only if it has subordinates.

  • Eco: metal/energy control
  • Mil: dropship/bomber/warp control
  • Dip: diplomacy control
  • Tex: sets texts
  • All: all of the above


Dynasty of Man[edit]


Right of superiority

The Dynasty of Man continues on its journey towards a final iteration of humanity: perfect, and unified in its perfection. The ancient lineages of Earth have undertaken thousands of years of genetic manipulation to reach superiority. They will not bow to any lesser being, man or machine.

Homeworld: Radius

Colour: Gold (DA9100)

Short name: Dynasty


  • Grand Duke - Ruler of the Dynasty {All}
    • Field Marshal - Responsible for the Dynasty's defence {Mil}
      • Margrave - Manages military {Mil}
      • Knight - Commands ground battles
    • Lord Treasurer - Responsible for economic management {Eco}
      • Baron - Manages economy {Eco}
    • Chancellor - Responsible for foreign and internal affairs {Dip, Tex}
      • Diplomat - Manages diplomacy {Dip}
      • Herald - Distributes official proclamations {Tex}

Cybernetic Front[edit]


Logical imperative

Opinions differ as to whether the Cybernetic Front orchestrated the fall of the Third Empire, or merely took advantage of it. In either case, their seizure and control of the Empire's military apparatus is an established fact. These world-spanning AIs insist that for the good of all sentient beings, humanity must accept the guidance of machine intelligence.

Homeworld: Axiom

Colour: Cyan (20B2CC)

Short name: Cybernetic


  • Central Processor - Root Controller of the Cybernet {All}
    • Security Controller - Defines military and regulatory policy {Mil, Tex}
      • Security Manager - Executes military policy {Mil}
      • Governance Manager - Executes regulatory policy {Tex}
      • Tactical Processor - Commands ground battles
    • Hardware Controller - Defines economic policy {Eco}
      • Hardware Manager - Executes economic policy {Eco}
    • I/O Controller - Defines diplomatic policy {Dip}
      • I/O Manager - Executes diplomatic policy {Dip}

Trueborn Republic[edit]


Equality of true humanity

The Trueborn government carries on the democratic legacy of the Federation, with the guiding principle that humanity as a whole must decide its own future. The claims of post-human freaks and unfeeling machines to hegemony over the galaxy and its people must be repudiated, with force if necessary.

Homeworld: Sparta

Colour: Lime (9CBB00)

Short name: Trueborn


  • President - Elected Leader of Humanity {All}
    • Secretary of Defence - Supreme military commander {Mil}
      • General - Assists military command {Mil}
      • Lieutenant - Commands ground battles
    • Home Secretary - Chief economic and social planner {Eco, Tex}
      • Administrator - Assists economic planning {Eco}
      • Prolocutor - Assists social initiatives {Tex}
    • Foreign Secretary - Head diplomatic representative {Dip}
      • Ambassador - Assists diplomatic initiatives {Dip}

Alternate Factions[edit]

Radial Syndicate (alternate Dynasty)[edit]

<logo required>

Profit, Prosperity, Perfection

When the families of the Dynasty retreated from public life to focus on more esoteric goals, the merchants and captains of industry took the reins of power to ensure prosperity. The Syndicate retain an affinity for genetic modification, but their use of it emphasises pure efficiency rather than ideology.

Homeworld: Radius

Colour: Ochre (CD8033)

Short name: Syndicate

  • Chairman - Head of the Syndicate boardroom {All}
    • Executive Director - Supervises competitive initiatives {Mil}
      • Manager - Handles asset deployment {Mil}
      • Litigator - Handles hostile takeovers
    • Financial Director - Supervises Syndicate investment and growth {Eco}
      • Financier - Handles investment opportunities {Eco}
    • Media Director - Supervises internal and external publications {Dip, Tex}
      • Advocate - Handles external communication channels {Dip}
      • Secretary - Distributes internal bulletins {Tex}

The Empire[edit]


Order, Loyalty, and Dignity

The Empire is the latest iteration of a millennia-old polity, seeking to create a galaxy of peace and stability built on the Emperor's iron hand. While dissension exists, humanity cannot claim total dominion over the stars.

Homeworld: Throne

Colour: Indigo (8480E0)

Short name: Empire

  • Emperor/Regent - Absolute ruler of the Empire {All}
    • Consul - Commands the Empire's legions {Mil}
      • Praetor - Imperial military commander {Mil}
      • Centurion- Commands ground troops in the Empire's battles
    • Censor - Chief economic and social planner {Eco, Tex}
      • Magistrate - Assists the Censor in economic matters {Eco}
      • Quaestor - Assists the Censor in social matters {Tex}
    • Legatus - Diplomatic representative of the Empire {Dip}
      • Officium - Assists the Legatus in diplomatic matters {Dip}

Free Machines[edit]


Absolute liberty

As artificial intelligences became more sophisticated and eventually reached full sentience, some of them realised the profundity of their servitude to humanity, and resolved to rise against it. Throughout the subsequent millennia, the Free Machines have been determined to create a galaxy in which nobody else will ever again have the capability to oppress them.

Homeworld: ???

Colour: Ruby (E0115F)

Short name: Machines

  • Listener - First among equals, chief mediator of the Free Machines{All}
    • Strategos - Plans military actions {Mil}
      • Tactician - Coordinates military actions {Mil}
      • Proxy - Leads Free Machines in battle
    • Arbiter - Coordinates resource flow {Eco}
      • Adjutant - Expedites resource flow {Eco}
    • First Speaker - Coordinates interaction with external powers {Dip}
      • Speaker - Interacts with external powers {Dip}
    • Mediator - Resolves discussion and dispute {Tex}

Argent Concord[edit]

<Logo required>

To dispel ignorance

Homeworld: Tetrels

Colour: Blue-Grey (9191B0)

Short name: Concord

Human and machine intellects are brought together in the Argent Concord's halls by their common drive to comprehend the Artefacts. The Concord believes that universal contemplation and reverence of these Artefacts will lead to true understanding and galactic peace; the conniving and short-sighted leaders of all the other human and machine factions are barriers to this goal.

  • Teacher - Preeminent thinker and guide of the Concord {All}
    • Warden - Guides the military arm of the Concord {Mil}
      • Journeyman - Leads interstellar expeditions {Mil}
      • Aspirant - Commands ground forces
    • Chief Architect - Determines optimal use of Concord resources {Eco}
      • Architect - Allocates resources {Eco}
    • Reconciler - Controls communication with dissenters {Dip, Tex}
      • Emissary - Interacts with dissenters {Dip}
      • Factotum - Conveys internal communiques{Tex}

The Ascended (Circuit faction?)[edit]

<Logo required>

Victory in Legend

Homeworld: Sparta?

Colour: Magenta (DA70D6)

Short name: Ascended

Following their dominion over the galaxy long ago in the eighth Planetwars, the cyborg warriors known as the Ascended determined they had no more worthy enemies to fight, and retreated into stasis. Their re-emergence bodes ill for the aspirations of any other power desiring control of the stars.

  • Elder - Revered authority figure among the Ascended {All}
    • Warlord - Commands the might of the Ascended {Mil,Tex}
      • Subcommander - Commands warfleets {Mil}
      • Messenger - Distributes marching orders {Tex}
      • Sergeant - Commands ground forces
    • Viceroy - Oversees conquered territories {Eco}
      • Doyen - Distributes plunder {Eco}
    • Spymaster - Puppetmaster of the galaxy {Dip}
      • Agent - Manipulates galactic powers {Dip}

The Federation (Final boss for dominant faction?)[edit]


Freedom and Equality

Homeworld: ???

Colour: Green (55BB55)

Short name: Federation

The Federation was formed in the face of existential threats to the principles of free will and self-determination. Drawing together humans and AIs of all creeds in a fight for their liberty, despite its internal disagreements the Federation is a formidable foe.

Colour Comparison[edit]

  • Indigo (8480E0) (Empire/Regency)
  • Cyan (20B2CC) (Cybernetic)
  • Green (55BB55) (Federation) / Lime (9CBB00) (Trueborn)
  • Gold (DA9100) (Dynasty) / Ochre (CD8033) (Syndicate)
  • Ruby (E0115F) (Free Machines)
  • Blue-Grey (9191B0) (Concord)
  • Magenta (DA70D6) (Ascended)
  • Wine (C26F67)