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  • Update all the changelogs to the new formatting as set in v1.2.12.0, and add in all the missing ones.
  • Create pages for the planetwars buildings
  • Add a campaign page
    • Add pages for all the campaign levels, with map, bonus objectives, and unlocks, and possibly a guide of some sort
  • Unlikely because of precedent, but add pages for removed units like the Serpent, to show what was in the game. Just because a unit was removed from the game doesn't mean it needs to be removed from the wiki as well.
  • Unlikely, but add pages for technical units like the fake targets or the DPS testers, as it can be interesting.
  • Maybe add more detailed categories. For example, a constructor category so there can be a page with a table comparing all the cons.
  • Add factory plates page

Will add to this later as I think of new things.