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AA shooting at "any" unit


This has already been semi-debunked by GF in:

And to some extent also in:

However, I feel like it's a good exercise to explore the idea in detail.

The idea in a nutshell

  • Make AA have two zones of operation: High altitude and Low altitude.
  • If AA will fire on unit is determined by Altitude of target, firestate and Avoid Bad targets state.
  • Certain planes and gunships should be made to fly a bit higher, so they avoid most flex-AA.
  • AA that fires at high-altitude should be stronger.
  • There should be some overlap between the High altitude and the Low altitude zone.
  • Krow altitude, for example, could be so that it is hit by both types.
  • Certain AA can work in both zones, ie Gremlin, Zephyr.
  • Jumping and lobbed units shouldn't reach the High-altitude zone.

Intended outcomes

  • Landed planes don't get targeted by AA.
  • Launched units can be targeted by AA.
  • AA is still AA, it won't shoot up hills.
  • Certain planes/gunships can fly "under" the strongest AA (ie Artemis).


  • Jumping/lobbed units can be hit by low-altitude AA.
  • Building "correct" AA response becomes _more_ difficult.
  • This is a large change, requiring huge balancing efforts.
  • Might require engine changes to support altitude limited targeting.