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Zero-K Infrastructure is complicated and understanding it is most of the battle, this is an overview of the structure and contents of ZK Infra.

It's always a good idea to review dev Philosophy.

ZK's Devving Philosophy (social rules)[edit]

  • "War is a product of anticommunication"
    • Communicate with other devs about your changes/fixes, let them understand the issue. Do not make 'random' changes.
  • "Do not create work for other people."
    • Have responsibility for your changes/commit. Do not leave bugs that require other people to fix.
  • "Readability & performance are equally important."
  • "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
    • Don't code fixes that nobody wants to problems that don't exist.

General overview[edit]

Further information: Zero-K:Developing
  • What's in what folder etc, goes here

Building the Launcher[edit]

Building ChobbyLauncher requires a few dependencies, MonoTorrent, PlasmaDownloader, and PlasmaShared. Ctrl-clicking all four folders in Visual Studio's Solution Explorer panel and selecting Build should succeed at producing the launcher executable.

More in depth look at each folder[edit]

What's happening with this page[edit]

To be filled in as I go and as I learn, right now I don't know anything for concrete so I'm hesitant to fill anything out here... yet.