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Structure construction and maintenance[edit]

Planets can support one of each type of structure. They cost metal to build. Anyone can build a structure on any faction-held planet. The output of that structure, if any, is added to your resource quota. Once built it requires a few turns to become active. Larger, more expensive structures take longer to power up.

All structures, except energy producers and the basic wormhole, require energy to function. They will shut down and become non-functional if there is insufficient energy. Economic leaders can set energy priorities for each structure to control which structures are kept running during a brownout.

Structures are disabled when destroyed ingame or if a successful invasion occurs on their planet. A structure disabled by an attack or power loss requires a few turns to reactivate. This time is twice as long as their initial activation time.

Structures can be destroyed by bomber attacks or scrapped for half their metal cost.

Structure types[edit]

Here is a complete list of structures. This list, alongside extra information, is available in the Structures tab on any planet.


Energy structures are required to power most other structures

  • Power Generation Unit: The cheapest and most efficient source of power.
  • Orbital Solar Array: Least efficient power source which compensates by being impossible to disable from the ground.
  • Planetary Geothermal Tap: Very expensive and powerful; provides high output density at the expense of being a single point of failure.


Defenses hinder the effectiveness of attacks by reducing Influence gains, destroying bombers or preventing them from warping to the planet in the first place.

  • Field Garrison: Reduces Influence gain by 10.
  • Interception Network: Destroys 10 bombers from each bombing run.
  • Planetary Defense Grid: Reduces Influence gain by 20 and destroys 16 bombers from each bombing run.
  • Warp Jammer: Prevents Warp Cores being used to access the planet.


Wormholes project influence to nearby planets. This ability can be upgraded, blocked or sent over vast distances. The expensive String Connector is capable of permanently linking two planets.

  • Wormhole Generator: Every planet starts with a wormhole generator. It is impossible to destroy but when disabled it isolates a planet from it's neighbors.
  • Improved Wormhole Stabilizer: This improved generator projects Influence at a much higher rate.
  • Wormhole Inhibitor: Prevents enemy Influence being spread to a planet.


These structures produce the tools of war.

  • Dropship Factory: Produces 0.5 dropships per turn.
  • Bomber Factory: Produces 0.5 bombers per turn.
  • Warp Core Fabricator: Produces 10 warp cores after it powers up, then disappears.


These structures cannot be built, and keeping them under strict control is extremely important if you want to achieve galactic domination.

  • Faction Headquarters is a unique, irreplaceable structure existing on a faction's homeworld. It grants massive defensive bonuses, prevents warp or influence projection, and cannot be disabled. Capturing a planet with an enemy faction's Headquarters wins the game for the conqueror.
  • Ancient Artifacts are special structures that exist on some planets. Each artifact can be activated to produce one Victory Point per galactic turn. The first faction to reach 100 Victory Points wins.


Planet governors may confiscate structures built by other players on the planet. They must pay the metal cost of the structure to the previous owner.

Faction leaders with metal quotas may confiscate structures belonging to faction members anywhere, without compensation.