Reporting Bugs

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To do a basic bug report do the following:

  1. Cause the bug to occur. This will often involve running a battle. If you can, put some unique sentence in the chat after you observe the bug, and tell people about this sentence later on.
  2. If the bug is a crash to desktop then skip to step 6, otherwise continue.
  3. Navigate back to the main menu of the lobby.
  4. In the main menu click Help, then click Report A Bug.
  5. Describe the bug, give the bug a title, and click Submit.
  6. Click 'Ok' on the Automated crash report dialogue that appears.
  7. Check the bug report tracker found here and find your report. It should be at the top of the page and recent. If all the reports are too old, then try refreshing the page.
  8. Tell someone about this bug, perhaps in #support in Discord or on the forum. Paste the bug report link from step 7 when you do so.

Taking and attaching a screenshot is vital for visual bugs.

For crashes rather than bugs, skip straight to Step 7.

For a more advanced bug report create a GitHub account and open an issue on the appropriate issue tracker:

Describe steps to reproduce the bug. Attaching images or linking a video is very helpful.

Reporting Desync

Reports of desync are made much more useful with the inclusion of a few files. The player who desynced needs to supply these files so that they can be checked against normal files from another player. The files, relative to the root Zero-K folder (found in steamapps), are:

  1. The appropriate ClientGameState file in the root directory. These don't have a naming convention, but the first line of the file is the map name, and the file creation date should match the time of the desync.
  2. Your locally saved replay of the game, found in demos/. The file name contains the name of the map.
  3. Yourinfolog.txt file, if the desync happened since the last time the ZK menu was opened. Older logs are found in log/.
  4. The two path cache files matching the map name, found in cache/105dev-BAR105/paths/.

The battle link is also useful. This can be found under recent battles on your home page when logged in:

Another great help is running the replay and reporting whether the game you see in the replay is the same as the one that happened the first time around.