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This page is a (potentially incomplete) list of currently available Zero-K mods with instructions on how to run them. A list of authors, preferred method of receiving feedback, and a brief description of the mod can also go here; a long description should probably get its own linked wiki page.

For instructions on how to create a new mod go to Mod Creation. For how to create and run a stat tweak go to Quick Stat Tweaks.


Open a room (or join one of the Custom Gamemode autohosts) and type !map ZeroWars. This should get the current stable version of ZeroWars.

Unit Level Ups

Open custom room and type following lines:

!password p this puts password on a room (required for next step)

!game Unit Level Ups v5 (enables mod)

!password removes password

now you can change type of room to coop , teams or ffa as desired

mod can be quite intresting combined with chickens

when playing against AI, adding zombies option helps AI units to grow faster

!setoptions zombies=1,zombies_rezspeed=500,zombies_delay=15

Dirt Wars!

Dirt Wars Logo.png

This is a silly gamemode, and it doesn't change much, except for the fact that most of the units you have loved are gone now, leaving only dirtbags and other terrible units for use!

Create any room, click on advanced options, open the "Start" tab, and copy-paste the next long string into the "disabled units" text area:


After the units have been disabled, as soon as you start the game, panic is guaranteed. See if you can make any value from literal dirt!

Advanced Dirt Wars can have air units. However, the game doesn't need to get that complex. Still, if you wish to see air units in this ridiculous gamemode, then repeat the same actions, except copy-paste the next string. It adds gnats, harpies, and transports into the game. Keep in mind, the author of the idea haven't tested the air unit edition yet, and he may use feedback.


For further horrors, turn on Commshare and Team Commander Ends options. That will make the last relatively useful unit to be the least viable in the game. Have fun surviving.

Compatible with the Unit Level Ups mod.

Author of the simple idea: Cliver5.