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* Rocket speed reduced by 5%

Gauss guns can now pierce water. This is to make Scrubber (now Dagger) useful in the sea. As a side effect the Gauss Turret is another form of anti-sub and wading Detriments no longer fear submarines.

Scrubber has been renamed to Dagger (to reduce the prevalence of Sc- names).

Gauss Turret can now shoot at aircraft.


* Replaced Gauss Gun with a dual Glaive Gun.

Commander Gauss has been removed. Shock Rifle now converts from Light Particle Beam.

Duck, Scallop, Scalpel, Crusader (depthcharge), Hunter, Snake and Serpent no longer lead their target. This makes them better at shooting targets near their maximum range.


* Health 240 -> 340
* Range 240 -> 250
* Added unit AI.


* Health 1000 -> 900
* Range 600 -> 520


* Significantly increased the performance of the unit selection window.
* Minor Unit AI optimization.
* Minor Shield Link optimization.
* Fixed Initial Queue crash.
* Added a modoption to force Commander Junior.
* Solars can no longer be forced open.
* Reduced Hawk firing sound.