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The Dominatrix is a unit in the Rover Factory capable of capturing enemy units.


Capture uses a progress bar with a maximum value for each unit equal to its cost. Dealing capture damage increases the progress along this bar. Every allyteam has independent capture progress for every unit so that you cannot steal a capture "kill" from an enemy. Capture damage decays at 4% per second if none has been taken within the last five seconds. Damaged units are captured more quickly than healthy units. A unit at 0% health is captured 3x faster, with the multiplier linearly decreasing to 1x at 100% health.

A unit is captured upon filling its capture bar. The Dominatrix that contributed the last section of capture progress takes control of the unit and the target becomes controllable by the player who owns the Dominatrix. This control is shown by a control line leading from the Dominatrix to the captured unit. The full line is visible to any enemy player who has vision of either end of the line, so they can spot hidden controllers. The Dominatrix that takes control must recharge for 8 seconds before it is able to fire again. Note that contributing Dominatrices can continue firing at new targets immediately.

Killing a Dominatrix returns all the units under its control to their original owners. The returned units start with 95% capture progress so are easy to re-capture if there are other Dominatrices around. Capturing a Dominatrix grants control of it as well as its subordinates. Battles with Dominatrices on both side can result in a tree-like control structure.

Capturing a unit that originally belonged to an ally returns it to that ally without creating a control link.