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The Imp is an all terrain burrowing EMP bomb from the Cloakbot Factory.

Imp (cloakbomb)
All Terrain EMP Bomb (Burrows)
Cost 125
Hit Points 50
Mass 82
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 126
Turn Rate (deg/s) 593
Vision Radius (elmo) 240
Transportable Light
Personal Cloak
Only when idle
Free and automated
Decloak radius (elmo) 80
Instant self-destruction
EMP Explosion
Damage 0
EMP Damage 2500
Damage per Second 0
Max Stun Time (s) 16
Area of Effect (elmo) 176


The Imp relies on its speed and small size to dodge inaccurate weapons, especially those of assaults and many skirmishers. It can paralyze heavy units or packs of lighter raiders which cannot kill it before it is already in range. Reavers or Glaives can then eliminate the helpless enemies without risk. Counter with defenses or single cheap units to set off a premature detonation. This unit cloaks when otherwise idle.

Tactics and Strategy

The Imp is best used defensively - it is easier to kill a stunned enemy within your territory than within the enemy's.