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The Lobster is a launcher bot from the Amphbot Factory.

Lobster (amphlaunch)
Amphibious Launcher Bot
Cost 340
Hit Points 960
Mass 195
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 54
Turn Rate (deg/s) 355
Vision Radius (elmo) 500
Sonar (elmo) 500
Transportable Light
Improved Regen
Water Regen (HP/s) 10
At depth (elmo) 40
Unit Launcher
Damage 0
Reload Time (s) 14
Damage per Second 0
Range (elmo) 620
Area of Effect (elmo) 112
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 350
High trajectory
Water capable
Potential friendly fire


Lacking armaments of its own, the Lobster's response to threats is to throw other units at the problem. Though originally intended for rapid coastline deployment, the Lobster has a variety of uses and can even offensively throw enemies units.

Tactics and Strategy

While at first seeming as an afterthought unit, the Lobster is an ace in Amphbot Factory's arsenal, allowing it a much-needed mobility boost and opening strategies for both sea and land warfare. You'll find that using Lobsters greatly improves performance from other units of this factory, while not requiring a lot of investment, as even one is usually sufficient.

The Lobster launches units to great heights, allowing for both fast terrain traversal and access to otherwise unreachable terrain, while not causing any fall damage. It also ignores the unit's mass, launching anything from Flea to Detriment (and being the fastest of transport methods for the latter).

While using the Lobster, always mind its "grab", represented by thin green lines, as any unit in its reach will be launched alongside the desired ones.

Some of the possible strategies include:

  • Landing your troops on cliffs and from unexpected angles on island maps.
  • Launching your Limpets, giving you an arc-artillery previously missing and a potent disabling method.
  • Using Lobsters in stealth to launch enemy into traps.
  • Making a chain of Lobsters, launching one with the other, effectively allowing you to get your army across the map in moments.
  • Tossing a lobster into enemy lines and tossing enemies out of position into your riots.

Special Mechanics

Lobster has a special state toggle called Allow Attack Commands to avoid accidental launching. It can be toggled in game and set to either Default State