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The Badger is an artillery minelayer rover from the Rover Assembly.

Badger (veharty)
Artillery Minelayer Rover
Cost 270
Hit Points 450
Mass 152
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 55
Turn Rate (deg/s) 105
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Transportable Light
Light Mine Artillery
Damage 20
Reload Time (s) 5.6
Damage per Second 4
Shield Damage (%) 190
Range (elmo) 750
Area of Effect (elmo) 48
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 500
Spawns Unit Claw
Spawn Life (s) 60
High trajectory


The Badger lays mines which are fairly effective but have a limited lifespan from a distance (rather haphazardly). The Badger outranges most defenses comfortably, but is lightly armored and cannot flee easily so keep it screened with friendly units, possibly assisted by your own mines.

Tactics and Strategy

The Badger is generally too weak and inaccurate to effectively counter more robust enemy defenses like Stardust or Stingers (which would be better countered with Impalers). However, the Badger is useful in an area denial role (similar to the Firewalker), where its mines, while not particularly damaging to enemy assault units, can stop enemy raiders, skirmishers, and even cloaked units (like Scythes, Widows, and Ultimatums) dead in their tracks.

The bulk of the damage of Badger is done via the mines it spawns, not its projectile. The Badger projectile only does 20 damage (with a respectable AoE), and spawns a mine that will explode into 5 bomblets inflicting 34 damage each to a single target, for 190 damage total per shot (and very little AoE). The full 190 damage will also be done if the projectile hits a shield directly.

The Badger's mines stay active for a single minute, so a single Badger that force-fires on the ground can prepare a minefield consisting of 11 mines in a minute, which it can maintain indefinitely as long as it keeps firing.

To quickly order multiple Badgers to create a minefield that stretches from place to place, hold down the Alt key, and drag a line from one spot to another, while giving the Badgers a force-fire order.