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The Felon is a shielded riot/skirmisher bot from the Shieldbot Factory.

Felon (shieldfelon)
Shielded Riot/Skirmisher Bot
Cost 620
Hit Points 1600
Mass 273
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 45
Turn Rate (deg/s) 197
Vision Radius (elmo) 520
Transportable Medium
Energy Shield
Strength (HP) 1800
Regen (HP/s) 21
Regen cost (E/s) 0
Radius (elmo) 120
Can ignore unidentified targets
Shield Gun
Damage 94
Reload Time (s) 0.13
Damage per Second 705
Range (elmo) 435
Shield drain (HP/shot) 75
Instantly hits


The Felon draws energy from its shield, discharging it in accurate bursts. Link it to other shields to increase its rate of fire.

Tactics And Strategy

Use Felons with Thugs so the Thugs can tank damage for the Felon while also helping the Felon recharge its shields, although the Thugs' weaker shields cannot fully recharge the Felons' shields.

Felons are good anti-skirmishers due to the Felon's instant hit projectiles, so letting a Felon get close enough to discharge itself onto the enemy skirmishers is a good tactic.

Felons are the single strongest unit in the Shieldbot factory in terms of damage and HP. However, they are also the most expensive, meaning that the Felon must be defended.

Beware if the enemy sends swarms of high health but cheap units towards the Felon; the Felon will drain its shields and be an easy target and because the Felon drains its own shield whilst firing means that the Felon will be unable to fire consistently, drastically reducing the amount of damage a shieldball can do.