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The Daimyo was a destroyer serving in the riot/antisub role.

Daimyo (destroyer)
Destroyer (Riot/Antisub)
Cost 700
Hit Points 3300
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 87
Turn Rate (deg/s) 51
Vision Radius (elmo) 500
Sonar (elmo) 700
Transportable Light
Medium Plasma Cannon
Damage 350
Reload Time (s) 2
Damage per Second 175
Range (elmo) 350
Area of Effect (elmo) 80
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 330

Destroyer Missiles
Damage 160
Reload Time (s) 2
Damage per Second 80
Range (elmo) 420
Area of Effect (elmo) 24
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 1800
Homing (deg/s) 165


The Daimyo class destroyer packs a wallop with its main gun, a powerful riot cannon. It also features missiles that can hit submarines and surface targets alike. The Daimyo is best attacked from afar, using surface ships or hovercraft with long-range weapons.