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The Outlaw is a riot bot from the Shieldbot Factory.

Outlaw (shieldriot)
Riot Bot
Cost 250
Hit Points 1100
Mass 183
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 60
Turn Rate (deg/s) 395
Vision Radius (elmo) 347
Transportable Light
Disruptor Pulser
Damage 30
Slow Damage 75
Reload Time (s) 0.93
Damage per Second 32 + 80
Range (elmo) 300
Area of Effect (elmo) 275
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 230
No friendly fire


The Outlaw emits an electromagnetic disruption pulse in a wide circle around it that damages and slows enemy units. Friendly units are unaffected.

Tactics And Strategy

The Outlaw's slowing pulse is extremely helpful when defending Rogues or Thugs against enemy raiders, as the Outlaw's slow damage reduces the raiders' speed down to the point that the Rogues' and Thugs' slow projectiles have a much better chance of landing hits on the slowed raiders.

Moreover, slow damage applies to the affected units' rate-of-fire stats as well as their speed stats, so an Outlaw which cuts the enemy's speed in half also cuts their damage-per-second values in half, giving any allied units, whether it be Rogues, Thugs, or even Bandits an edge against their opponents.

The Outlaw's pulse can de-cloak Badger mines, Scythes, and any "crawling"/mobile bombs such as Imps or Snitches, meaning that if you suspect your opponent might try to, say, destroy your shieldball with "crawling"/mobile bombs, or sneak behind your defensive line and wreak havoc with Scythes, use Outlaws to decloak and slow down the enemy's cloaked units, giving the rest of your forces time to kill the cloaked enemies before they do significant damage.

Because of its low damage output, don't expect to be able to wipe out swarms of raiders (let alone high-weight raiders such as the Blitz, Pyro, or Scythe), with just a single Outlaw. The Outlaw is closer to a support unit than a combat unit because, to actually kill the enemy units in a short amount of time, the Outlaw must have some support from other, more powerful units, such as Bandits, Rogues, or Thugs.