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The Inferno is a napalm missile from the Missile Silo.

Inferno (napalmmissile)
Napalm Missile - Sets an area on fire for 45s. Low direct damage, blocked by area shield.
Cost 500
Hit Points 1000
Napalm Missile
Damage 151
Afterburn (s) 3 (15 DPS)
Range (elmo) 3500
Area of Effect (elmo) 256
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 1200
Ground Burn DPS 20
Ground Burn radius (elmo) 256
Ground Burn duration (s) 45


The Inferno is a large AoE fire weapon. Its direct damage is modest, but the cloud of fire it creates lasts for a very long time.

Tactics and Strategy

While the Inferno has a minimal explosive payload, the wide-area napalm cloud it delivers is a death sentence to lightly-armored buildings in the target area. Units left standing in flame will take serious damage, but will extinguish quickly if taken outside of the area-of-effect.

The Inferno is not powerful enough to destroy factories, but catching factories in the area of effect can effectively idle their Build Power and prevent new unit production until the flames clear.