Amphbot Factory

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The Amphbot Factory is a factory that produces amphibious bots.

Amphbot Factory (factoryamph)
Produces Amphibious Bots, builds at 10.0 m/s
Cost 700
Hit Points 4000
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Build Power 10


The Amphibious Operations Plant builds the slow but sturdy amphibious bots, providing an alternative approach to land/sea warfare. Units from this factory typically regenerate while submerged.

The Amphbot Factory builds:

Amphibious Construction Bot
Raider Bot (Anti-Sub)
Raider/Riot Bot
Deployable Fire Support
Heavy Skirmisher Bot
Riot Bot (Anti-Sub)
Heavy Assault Walker
Anti-Air Bot
Slow Bomb
Teleport Bridge
Launcher Bot

Tactics and Strategy

The Amphbot Factory produces slow but tough bots that can travel up hills, across the flats and into the water. Some Amphbots like the Grizzly and Buoy float to the water surface to deploy their weapons, while others such as the Duck and Scallop remain underwater and fire from there.

While they may be slow the Amphbots compensate with several tricks. They can hide and regenerate underwater, inflict slow damage on the enemy, or use special tools to relocate their army quickly. If the map has a lot of water Hovercrafts are a good choice to support your Amphbots. Otherwise, a more mobile factory like the Jumpbots can compensate for the Amphbots' weaknesses.

Example Unit Combinations

Buoys are not helpless against fast-moving raiders but they will fare a lot better if protected by Ducks or Archers. The same principle extends to escorting Grizzlies against raiders.

The slow damage inflicted by Limpet will only last for a limited time—use Buoys to extend the slow duration.

The Lobster works best with units that attack at close range, but struggle to close the distance on their own—think Scallop, Limpet, Imp or Snitch. You also use two lobsters to throw each other around with a group of units.

Djinns are expensive but moving units quickly and directly over long distances has definite advantages. Try relocating expensive units like Grizzly or Dante to forestall enemy attacks, or to recover these valuable units for repair.

Beating Amphbots

The Amphbot raiders (Duck and Archer) are not especially effective against buildings but they tend to defeat other factories' raiders in a fair fight. Since the Amphbot raiders are slower, you should either keep your raiders away from them or engage with other units (many Skirmishers are surprisingly effective, even in small numbers).

Until they can afford a Grizzly, the Amphbots struggle to defeat fast-moving skirmishers like the Ronin and Recluse with conventional tactics. Use this weakness against them in the early game.

If the map has any water bodies Amphbots become a lot more threatening, since they can retreat underwater to hide and repair. Buoys are especially annoying since they can bob up and down, continually harassing you from safety. You'll need to either build a lot of Urchins, terraform the water away, or switch to your own water-capable factory (Amph or Hovers) to dislodge them.