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The Caretaker is a static constructor.

Caretaker (staticcon)
Construction Assistant, builds at 10.0 m/s
Cost 180
Hit Points 500
Vision Radius (elmo) 380
Build Power 10


The most cost-effective source of buildpower, the Caretaker is ideal for increasing the output of factories or automatically repairing nearby defenses. It cannot start any construction projects itself, however.

Tips and Strategies

When using a Caretaker to assist your starting factory, having one Caretaker for each 10 Metal income is enough to make full use of your Economy in the early game. Before building a second caretaker, it's better to raise your metal income with Metal Extractors and Overdrive.

Once your factories are producing units and your metal supplies are still rising, that is a good sign that your economy can support an extra Caretaker.

If your starting factory has more Build Power available (10 BP + 10 BP per Caretaker) than your overall Metal/s income, an extra caretaker would not have the resources needed to speed up production once your stored metal runs out. A high Build Power factory can even start competing for resources with other constructors, slowing their production. This can be avoided by putting extra caretakers on low priority, allowing you to be able to better cope with sudden influxes of metal.

Remember that you cannot spend more resources than you actually have.