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The Hacksaw is a burst anti-air turret.

Hacksaw (turretaaclose)
Burst Anti-Air Turret
Cost 220
Hit Points 580
Vision Radius (elmo) 560
Homing Missiles
Damage 700 x 2
Reload Time (s) 15
Damage per Second 94
Range (elmo) 490
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 620
Homing (deg/s) 714


The Hacksaw's twin missiles brutally punish any aircraft that enters their range, but take a considerable amount of time to reload, making them less than ideal against light targets.

Tactics and Strategy

The best attribute of the hacksaw is being cheap, allowing it to be quickly deployed in areas where enemy bombers have started to harass your forces. However, beware of the fact that they can be easily baited into wasting their shots by cheap fliers.

If you want cost-effective AA coverage over a large area, however, the Hacksaw isn't what you're looking for.