Singularity Reactor

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The Singularity Reactor is the largest, most powerful and expensive energy-generating structure in the game. It implodes violently when destroyed.

Singularity Reactor (energysingu)
Large Powerplant (+225) - HAZARDOUS
Cost 4000
Hit Points 4000
Energy (E/s) 225
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Grid link range (elmo) 150


The Singularity Reactor generates massive amounts of energy using a controlled black hole—which is about as safe as it sounds. When the reactor is destroyed, the black hole implodes violently, dragging units inside. The entire continent on which this is built should be considered unsafe ground.


The Singularity Reactor should be treated like a nuclear bomb that can go off at any time. Build it far away from any friendly structures in a place where even cloaked or airborne units will have a hard time finding and destroying it.